Can someone look into your past without your authorization

Hello Everyone,

I don’t know if this has been a topic of discussion before, but can someone look into your past/future without your authorization? A while ago, I was meditating and visualizing myself being cleansed by the ocean. During this visualization process my brother who practices Santeria and is well protected appeared. As I approached him in my meditation state, I felt an energy that pushed me way. I had to stop my meditation because I felt an overwhelming energy that made it difficult for me to breath. My nose also began to bleed. I had to call my brother to apologize because I didn’t want his Guerreros being pissed off at me or to retaliate against me. I thought it was pretty cool that my brother’s Guerreros had his back!

Now, I want to bring this back to an experience that I personally had. I had a fall out with a voodoo priest a few years ago. I didn’t feel he was really helping me and was money hungry. I also felt like he was treating me like his bitch, while he had a God like complex. He would tell me that I couldn’t practice certain things without his consent because he was the “master”. So, I cut him off! He was hindering me from my self actualization. And this priest retaliated by digging into my past and telling me things that “I” only knew. I don’t understand how that was possible. Can someone explain this to me? It bothered me at the time. Pissed me off. How was this person able to know my deep dark secrets? I still don’t know. Can someone explain this to me?
Well, it is a good thing I began working with King Belial. I had to learn to confront my shadow self. Belial fucked me up and sometimes he gives me tough love. But, it’s cool. I tell him to keep it coming. I’m still confused on how my guides and protectors at the time gave this individual access.

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It’s pretty simple. Someone metaphysically learning your secrets isn’t a direct threat, so why would your guides or protectors step in? Their job is to watch over you, not to child proof your entire existence. You weren’t under magical attack so, in my opinion, that is why they didn’t interfere.

Plus, there is always the chance the priest was too powerful for your guides and protectors to stop.


Well, he did threaten me and a year later shit went down. You are right, he was probably too powerful for my guides and protectors at the time. I also realize that the moment I took a break from working with la Santa Muerte, he attacked. Things happened the way he said they were going to happen. He said I was going to get caught up with legal issues. Then he told me to stay away from him or he will put a restraining order on me. Weird! Lol well, I can be a little crazy. Since then it has been king Belial and king Lucifer who have been protecting me. There isn’t a day I don’t thank King Lucifer and Belial for protecting me and for getting me out of my legal issues.


Protect you how?

We’re all mad down here


I can’t really talk about it in this forum. I just know that They have been helping me from going to jail. They have also brought to light who my enemies are.

Mind search and mind control. Yes, you can search someone’s mind for information on any given subject with complete impunity without there authorization.

I have completed a number of rituals for divination with much success. I sought information and received with great detail information from several family members minds, who were not honest with me regarding there past and future intentions. I have also pried people’s mind open that I considered opponents to find out there background and intent.

From what your writing your vision sounds like a warning with both psychic and physical signs of harm. I would proceed with caution especially if your unhappy with someone with extensive magical experience.


Right. Thanks for your feedback. All i can do is continue to work on Magik and wait. I have no limits and I think my former voodoo priest knows that.

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Cheers, good luck on whichever path you take.