Can someone interpret this dream

So I recalled a dream I had last night and my god it was scary.

So for the last few weeks I’ve been using magic to attract my ex back and I’ve kinda given up on the idea and started to assume she’s already mine even tho physically she isn’t here.

That may or may not be relevant but anyways.

Last night I had a dream where I saw a bright light getting brighter and brighter in the sky almost blinding. And the feelings I had were “Oh my god this is it!” It literally felt like judgement day.

I remember saying “please god forgive me.”


Then the sky was filled with large moons I mean large and they were all following the same lunar pattern as the moon usually takes. I think I recall a large sun too somewhere in there.

Anyways. I’ve asked a few people one being my dad and he said that’s a great dream. He said it can mean big changes to a situation or a revelation of some kind will come.

But I wanted you guys to drop ideas because I know many if you are quite gifted at dream interpretation. :slight_smile:

Stop watching TV and see if this continues. There’s a thing going round tiktok right now where multiple people are dreaming about multiple moons, and it comes from TV programming. It’s probably a social engineering experiment. But then it’s messing with your inner world and you need to clear that to get clear divination.

I strongly suggest no one intent on doing magickal divination through dreamwork should watch any TV at all to be honest, the subliminals are ridiculous and unhelpful. Tis also applies to commercial music especially that aimed at the average joe, rap, hiphop, soft rock, anything in the charts is full of magickal dross that messes people up, mostly with subliminal advertising, so like a parasite, get rid of it, then reevaluate.

I consider any company trying to advertise in this underhand way parasitic, if the product was that good you wouldn’t need to cooerce people into getting it. Limit your exposure, magick is everywhere, be the controller not the controlled.

Oh trust me I completely agree. But the moo thing really doesn’t suprise me. The elite are always throwing magic at us and programming the masses in to their own enslavement. I’m glad someone on this forum can see it lol.

Global reset is their agenda.

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Yeah, sadly we can’t talk about it as it’s getting too deep into politics.

I’ve unlisted the post as we don’t really want that googleable. :+1: