Can someone help? Wax divination

2nd one looks like an archer centaur maybe? I’d equate that to needing to conquer tough challenges.

3rd looks like a crab to me which I equate to needing to protect yourself especially emotionally.

These where poured on a picture, not intentional, it was just all I had for a drowing chuparosa flame. But the work is for this target I will request a deletion of these soon as to not invade privacy. I just noticed the ghost in 4 anyone know who he is by the way?

The 2nd looks like a woman swinging a baby to me.
The 3rd looks like a young girl riding something breathing out something. There is also a face underneath it. But this is looking at the bigger picture, when I do look I see the crab, It is my Sun sign possibly that has a relation do to the small faces at the bottom of the bowl protection does sound damn good

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I find the shapes in wax to be very subjective, and best interpreted by you. How the candle burns is a different story, as there are common things, aside from the normal way they burn, that can give clues very consistently, but short of scanning the work so to speak, the wax left overs are almost like dreams- what your mind sees and what it feels about it, is going to be your best bet.

The very first picture reminds me of stacked hearts however, and I would assume, without scanning the work for deeper feelings it was a love working.

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correct it was a candle on top of a honey jar of the target presented above. I did not know what to make of that one. thank you. do you have any thoughts on 3 and 4?

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As @Keteriya said, wax readings are subjective, and would depend upon the type of working you’re doing, but I’ll give it a go, since it’s a bit easier to give feedback based on photos. :smiley:

  1. I see lightning striking from a cloud. If the work was with angelic currents this could be a wonderful indicator of their involvement and willingness to help. A second interpretation would be that the results will occur in a strong and noticeable “downpour”. A third interpretation would be potential “stormy weather” ahead.

  2. I agree with @victory that this looks like a mythical creature, a centaur or a manticore. I get the impression of a scorpion tail. Looks like it’s kneeling as though placing an offering on an altar.

  3. I don’t get much from this except the mundane visual impression of a frozen lake. I saw the crab after @victory pointed it out. Overall it puts me in mind of fruit, or a garden, for whatever reason.

If you do take it to be a crab, there could be a tie between this and the previous photo: crab/scorpion; which reminds me of the Moon tarot card, the element of water, and Cancer; or perhaps Scorpio. The centaur/“archer” and the scorpion tail could point to a particular time of year, the cusp of Sagittarius & Scorpio (late November).

  1. On first impression it reminds me strongly of The Hanged Man tarot card, couldn’t say why – something about the shape. Seems to give an impression of a mostly favourable outcome but one that depends on a few factors. On one side you have a clean, straightforward path; on the other side you have a lot of extraneous wax, the colour darkens, there’s some debris (or the candle wick, whatever it is), and then a sluggish lateral movement before rejoining the main path. So, could be an indication that there are factors which could slow the result from occurring, or if you go off-course, things might get worse before they get better. Or, if you take the Hanged Man into account, it could mean that any further action at this time is going to hinder the outcome, and it would be better not to take any further action at this time, and let the magic work.

  2. I don’t get much of an impression from this. Looks like a misshapen heart, not a bad sign if it was love-related work. Two wicks(?) and they’re vertically aligned but facing different directions. Could indicate more work will be needed in future to strengthen or maintain whatever the spell was, once the results start appearing.


This one was from a honey jar candle

ok I still see a lady playing with a child. But I would be ignoring the mass underneath it. I will look harder at this.

ok this is the one I see a girl riding something and faces at the bottom. What I would see as hair does look like a crab.

Can you further explain this?

Excuse lack of information. This was love work. The debris is Rose Petal that was in the candle. The picture is discolored from spillage from a binding spell, I have planned on to continue with more work but with that information you provided I can stop if you think its best to do so. Also can you see that ghostly figure in the paper? Who is that?

4 wax is from the same candle as 5. 5 was poured 1st, then I had to pour again which gave us 4. The 2 spots you see is rose petal, It is from love work, now on 4 you said stop work potentially and here you say more work needs to be done, with all the information can I finish the work, or should I? I really want to. I enjoy it.
But hey thanks a bunch too you been great

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There’s a couple different ways of looking at the symbology here (if you take my interpretation on board).

One of the symbols in the Moon tarot card of the traditional Rider-Waite deck is a crab, (or a lobster, crayfish, etc.) leaving the water beneath the moon. You can take it as representing primordial creatures crawling out of the water, symbolic of humans attempting to understand their subconscious mind.

The Moon is (someone correct me if I am wrong) ruled by Cancer, which would represent the time of year in late June to late July, if you wanted to read it from a timing perspective. The Moon also rules illusion, the unconscious depths, and the element of water, which is tied to emotion.

The #2 picture looks to me like a mythological creature with a scorpion tail holding an offering before an altar. If you take it to be a centaur, this could point to the astrological sign Sagittarius, which governs late November to late December. If you also take it to have a scorpion tail, this could represent the sign Scorpio, which occurs immediately before Sagittarius. So, from a timeline perspective, this could potentially point to the results coming to fruition in late November, or roughly 11 months from now. It could also represent a bunch of other stuff, such as the elements of fire (Sagittarius) and water (Scorpio and/or Cancer) representing the astrological signs of the people involved, or perhaps their opposed natures.

It also appears (to me) that the creature is offering up something. So combine the symbology of a centaur with a scorpion tail (elements of water and fire), giving an offering to an altar. Could be a number of things depending on interpretation: a sign to give the working up to the entities/source/universe and not lust for results, a sign that one of the parties will need to change or give something up for the results to come to fruition.

Was this all wax from the same ritual? Or have you done multiple workings for the same result? (Looks like you’ve done a few given the couple different shades of wax, and the honey jar.)

I think you should use your intuition, but also, I do think it’s important to give the spells room to actually work – even just to wait a few weeks to see if things change. If you’re using multiple spells to approach different angles of the same problem that’s one thing, but if you are casting a spell for the same outcome repeatedly, it might be better to take a break for a few weeks or months and see what happens.

I can see two faces and it’s a bit spooky, but I’m also wondering if it’s just pareidolia on my part. I don’t recognise them.

As above. Although, slight difference here. If you have done a bunch of work already, it might be time to take a break (trust your intuition here). But the impression I had from the last picture (which was pretty weak, tbf) was that there might need to be additional work done in future, after the result has been achieved, to maintain and/or fine-tune that result.

You mentioned “finish the work” though so it really depends on you – again, doing multiple rituals for the exact same overarching outcome is a bit different to doing many smaller rituals to break a bigger goal into achievable steps. The former can denote mistrust in your work or lust for results, whereas the latter is just a more structured and planned approach to ritual. If you’ve been doing a lot of “small picture” rituals aimed at one “big picture” result then sure, go ahead. But again this is just my opinion and it really depends on what you think will work for you.

No. The white wax from 2 is just me asking my altar candle what do you want me to know, specific words. I talk to this candle it responds, which we discussed. 3 came from a regular candle I held over a bowl. It appears I mistakenly deleted one of them It dosnt show much so dont know if I will put it up. The red came from same work, the pink comes from honey jar.

I didnt see the second until you pointed that out. I have asked was it more than 1, candle responds. Is this who Im really talking too? I even consulted about this work I been doing. The flame got so high it deformed the candle.

No I completely understand what you are saying. I bind and put in freezer, I done a novena, I have a honey jar, I was going to do more but it is all for the same result and I think I have started to just enjoy doing work. But I can give us time, I can do ‘‘maintenance’’ work down the road.

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Hello! sorry for meddling in this post, maybe you can give me your opinion on this, the candle in the picture I used to meditate with the seal of valac, don’t try to evoke it, just meditate with his seal, I’m trying to establish a relationship with him . While I was meditating, the candle flame became very high, and the candle burned out very quickly, I clarify that I always use the same type of candles, and this is the first time it melts that way, in the room where I lit it. there were no drafts or anything like that