Can someone help me

looking through this thread everytime i get frustrated its not like i cant astral project its just i never get out. i dont know why it is but i cant and when one body part is moving i would then try to move everything and if i do my heart beat increased and i just dont leave this happens all the time :frowning: any tips?•

In my experience forcing the projection can make it much more difficult to succeed. Try bringing your attention away from your body for a while when your trying. If you ignore the sensations it can make it much easier.

If I understand you correctly, you’re getting to the point of phantom limbs, but can’t separate fully from your body? You’ll feel an additional arm or hand that isn’t your real one?

The trick is harnessing momentum through movement. For instance, rolling out of your body is a popular method. It works because it uses momentum.

Move your phantom limbs around as vigorously as you can, and let the momentum pull you out of your body.

Got it thankyou i will try tonight :slight_smile:

thanks brother :slight_smile:

Of course last time this happened to me, it was really difficult to move. I had to struggle to move my phantom arm over the side of the bed. Then I just let gravity pull me the rest of the way out. I kind of slid out of my bed.

Still a feeling of movement though.