Can someone help me with this topic

Hi I need a divination on one of my projects I created a subliminal by myself it is perfect it is an omnipotent subliminal with a lot of extras but it is based on another person material the material is mine such as the affirmations well part of the affirmation it’s based on the super soldier physiology affirmations of ultra subliminal from YouTube but I stripped them to make an omnipotent subliminal and a combo his subliminal is a physiological so go so it changes your physiology I have had success with his subliminals in the past long-term success want to know how long would it take 3 to 21 days I also added a hypnotic isochronic tone I based my research on dr. Bruce Lipton but I want to know will my subliminal yield fruit will I gain the results that I didn’t get what the other subliminals because the other subliminals wear short term and they were less powerful

Six of Swords reversed the empress the five of cups the hangman the Five of Swords the Ace of Wands
I ask the cards how long will it take and will it yield fruit


Can someone interpret these cards :grinning:

Have you considered paying for a professionally made, customized subliminal for your needs? It might save a lot of time of you don’t know what you’re doing, and a lot of people underestimate the difference in quality between different subliminals.

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I didn’t make the super soldier physiology 1 I use his affirmations and strip them and use them to create an omnipotent subliminal using the software absurdity which I’ve gotten pretty good at and integrated into it a hypnotic isochronic tone

And I’ve gotten results from his subliminals in the past so I do not doubt his affirmations nor my modification

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