Can someone help me with destroying my evil and abusive mother

She did to me horrible things and she is a sociopath and i know she wanted to.hurt me and didnt want me to be happy in life. I did some petition and candle spells against her and I want to learn about other types of spells that can help me with revenge against her

Freeze spell, binding spells, evoke demons such as glasya labolas, belial and andromalius.

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Where can i learn about binding spells?

Check out that search feature

If you use the search function, I’m sure you’ll find tons. Sift through them and pick one that you feel is best.

Best of luck to you. I know what that feels like, I’ve been there. It’s not easy, but one day you will be out of that abusive situation. Don’t lose hope, keep your head up, and stay strong.


i am thinking about a binding spell that will prevent her from working and this way her economic situation will be horrible. Couldnt find a binding spell like this in the search results until now

The only thing you can really do is cut them out of your life.

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Why haven’t you moved out?

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i moved out but i want revenge

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Ok we’ll start with a simple freezer spell.

What kind of revenge are we talking about?

Destroying her life completely and making her miserable like she made me

Pazuzu would not be a bad spiri to work with as far as destroying someone’s network of resources. I would probably work with him in the context of a sympathetic curse where you have a string between two objects (one representing your target and the otherthen resource, such as money) and severing it with a candle flame after channeling your hatred into it to release the energy.

I also have a pretty intense banishment I did with Sorath that has had some interesting secondary effects when I used it that I have shared here.

Or you could check out the master curse from the book Magical Attack.

Just something off the top of my mind.

Also, Beelzebub is not a bad spirit to work with in regards to healing from the after effects of abuse, as well as going on a more offense stance

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All you need is a black candle and your intent.

Feel all the energy that she made you feel and reverse it to her.

That’s the most basic way to get your revenge

Meditation is key here


How banishment can help here?

Where can i get the detailed info on how exactly to do this candle ritual? Step to step?

Mainly to get rid of future problems if she still has some role in your life and to severe any remaining underlining bonds. That particular ritual seems to combine both cord cutting and banishment, along with an extra bite.

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I think I will specialize in candle magic in this case because it is simple and i like working with candle magic but i am looking for a detailed guide because i am newbie with doing magic

A detailed guide covering destructive magick and spells specifically?

Destructive candle magic specifically

It’s very simple

Focus on all the pain, anger, fustration, sorrow… everything for as long as you can.

Vision in you mind as vivid as posible all that what was done to you.

When you have reached the point of maximum emotional state, imagine yourself pushing all that energy into the candle to the point of exhaustion, thus no longer having that anger inside of you ever again.

Then state " By the powers of darkness It is my command that all the pain, hate, suffering, agony, ect. and all that is in me be returned to “Name of Person”