Can someone help me to communicate with Lady Astaroth?

Hello, I am new to evoke spirits and I have only tried 3 or 4 times and I have not been able to hear or feel anything.

One day I was here in this forum watching some posts and I focused on Lady Astaroth’s and she has a lot to do with my goal.

I felt that I had to work with her, it was like an immediate connection.

I asked her if she wanted to work with me or guide me, after that the same day I received affirmative signals.

I think she thinks I have potential to explode. So I asked him through a pendulum and she said yes.

Another day I was thinking a lot about her, and then a song came to my mind that says: I want to meet you, know how you think, overcome obstacles together, and grow.

I thought maybe it was a message from her. I asked the pendulum and it gave a pretty strong yes.

I have also received a lot of signals from her, but I have not been able to evoke her.

So I was wondering if anyone here could talk to her and ask her some things for me.

I’ve been thinking about this option for 2 days and I think it’s because I should do it.

So, please is there anyone who can do this for me? :weary::weary: It really is something very important.

Thank you!!

English is not my native language so sorry for the mistakes :blush::blush::blush:


She was probably present when you evoked her if you are feeling these connections and such, you just havent developed your senses to feel it. I suggest you do some energy work and clairsentience training.

She will come to you when the time is right. If its really that important, she will appear in your dreams and address it when necessary.


It sounds like Astaroth is reaching out for you now just as much as you are for her. It seems like you’ve been experiencing all these signs and moments of connection. There’s no need for anyone else to talk to Astaroth for you because the demon can hear you just fine. It’s ok that you can’t hear a direct response just yet. This will come with time, and even though you can’t hear the demon, the demon can still hear you.


Thank you! I think that is true. I just need to meditate more to open my astral senses! :blush::blush:


Im very close to her, she is my Matron and such, and she is amazing :blush: but she is one of the most adamant Demons about us putting in the work ourselves. She definitely has a very motherly vibe at times…loving and caring, but stern when she needs to be.

She is a wonderful being to work with. When she comes to me in dreams, she is very straightforward, but has the gentleness and cleverness to help me figure certain things out without making me feel like shit…unless I dont listen to her, then she will set the foot down and the warrior goddess comes out lol, but in a caring way.


You work on your clairvoyant abilities, working on your “astral senses” while you aren’t projecting there will be like trying to swim while laying on concrete, it seems this community uses “astral senses” wrong lol when it’s really just your clairvoyant abilities you work on. You can’t work on your ‘astral’ senses unless you’re presently projecting in the astral and trying to perceive its environment.


I admit I’ve probably mixed up the terms on multiple ocassions haha


I guess it’s because I come from a similar yet also widely different community in the sense of how the work is done lol.


Same. I came from a very small, distinct community, although its very legit. Im usually so into my thought Im mot always paying exact attention to my terms as well. I’ve been using Astral Sense as more of a general term for sixth senses, including clairsentience and clairvoyance, etc.

So beautiful experience you have with her!! I wanted also to start connecting with her, draw her sigil, lit a White candle, and after meditated on her sigil.i felt a calmness, but dont know if it was her energy, or the flame and just the relaxed mood i was in.
Is there any possibility that the spirits are coming but they dont show any sign?!
For example, even the flame didnt have this fast movement as it should have, when a spirit is there…


It could easily have been her energy you felt. She has a very comforting energy. And yes, especially before you create a bond. They will show up and just observe to see what they make of you in one sense or another. Ishtar is usually pretty straightforward, but a lot of Demons will work and chill in the background until you are ready to meet them proper. Similar to entities on other paths.


Ahah i see. Its this fact that I read somewhere, maybe they re checking you first before they show any sign :slightly_smiling_face:


hey so quick question. do you mean Astaroth, the Solomonic entity? or the Sumerian goddess Anathoth?

They’re often viewed as the same person but later on given that “demonic name”


I think they are two incarnations, like male/female energy?

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What I would like to advise you is to do some research and find out what She likes. You could give her some water as well as her favorites offerings like incense, candles, roses, wines etc…However, don’t forget to print her sigil and prick your finger with a lancet and drop a few drops of your blood on Her sigil as offerings. Chant Her enn 108 times. Her enn is the following: “Tasa Alora Foren Astaroth”. You can chant Her enn, as mentioned, and then proceed to give Her the offerings. Then and only then proceed to formulate your requests.

Goddess Astaroth Enn Chanting:

  1. Astaroth Enn Chanting - YouTube
  2. Astaroth · Enn Meditation Chant [Also Ashtaroth, Astarot, Astarte, Inanna] - YouTube

Powerful Goddess Astaroth Chant:

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Other Ways to Summon Goddess Astaroth

  1. Invocation of Mother Astaroth – V.K. Jehannum

Research on Goddess Astaroth:

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  2. Astaroth – Black Witch Coven

Now if you really want to take your relationship with Goddess Astaroth to the next level and subsequently becoming one of Her children, please by the following book:

  1. The Rites of Astaroth:

May the Goddess bless and protect you and your family.