Can someone help me interpret this reading?

I need help to interpret this spread that someone did for me. The question being “Is asking Belial to help me better myself the next step I should take?” and the reading being reverse Magician, reverse Sun and The Empress. Any insight would be appreciated.

To manifest attributes of the divine feminine that you might be seeking, you have internal work that needs to be done. The magician represents mastering the forces of magick, the elements, etc. As it is reversed it may indicate the internal work you need to do to have control in your life. The reverse sun indicates a need to work on an inner struggle that is preventing an accomplishment or happiness. I am split on the final conclusion. I can see that Belial may want you to develop those things first before working with him, OR it could be saying that Belial can help you with those issues to accomplish your goal. I am leaning toward the latter.


Ahhhh, so he can help me figure out what I need to do. Thank you for helping me interpret. @Void_Angel

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