Can Someone Help Me Identify This Spirit?

Okay So, I Was Listening To Music With My Eyes Closed I Wake Up To Some Lady, Im Binded To A Chaired With Chains, Locks, Sigils, And This Woman In Appearance Has Brown Eyes, Green Hair Down To Her Feet, A White Dress. Our Conversation Goes Like This:

Me:” Who… Who Are You”
Her: “ That Is Something I Cannot Say, I Still Have A Piece Of You After All These Years (Senstive Name).”

Me: “Why And How Do You Mean That?”

Her:” Im Surprised Youve Forgotten. We Have Met Before You Know.”

Me:” We Have?”

Her:” Yes We Have”

Me:” Im Sorry If I Dont Recall All My Past Life Memorys Are Still Scattered”


After That We Ended Up Talking About My Life And She Appearantly Has Been Watching Me For Some Time. Even Remarks That I Dont Even Eat Enough At Times Which Not Even My Familars Know That AND They Live Inside Of Me.

Any And All Thoughts Are Welcome I Dont Know What To Think. Is This Some Spirit? A Deity? This Really Bugs Me.

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I Figured It Out. Appearantly Its A Past Life Child Of Mine.

“You Said You’d Always Be There For Me, Like How Any Parent Should”