Can someone help me figure out a curse that isn't *too* severe?

I tried the search bar but I didn’t know how to word this to get the results I needed, so I’m sorry if this has been posted before.

My stepmother is a negative, rude, passive aggressive, selfish, close-minded, childish, whiny, parasitic human being. She has her good moments, but living with her has been a struggle - I’ve never been so frustrated with a person in my life.

I don’t want to cause her any serious harm – I just want her off my back.

She is a hardcore christian – by hardcore, I mean, she doesn’t believe dinosaurs existed because they weren’t mentioned in the bible.

She thinks her houses are always haunted because she is obsessed with the paranormal. Is there a way to get her to actually see and experience the illusion of a bad haunting to scare her?

She also has IBS, I was thinking of giving her nonstop diarrhea so that she can spend her day in the bathroom and I don’t have to be near her.

If anyone has any better ideas, could you lend me a hand? I’ve never done a curse before because I just typically do not give a shit enough, but I’ve never dealt with someone so draining and toxic before.

I also want to know how to get rid of the curse once I’m satisfied because I don’t want to be too cruel.

Thank you in advance.

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Pick up a copy of the book Angels of Wrath by Gordon Winterfield. There are “curses” in there for wounding, binding, causing confusion and disruption, illness, etc.


Be careful with that idea if you do not seek serious harm. Could be lethal due to dehydration/electrolyte issues. Personally i would banish the effects various behaviors that you do not want to deal with have on your life.


I’d suggest hot foot powder or the witches ladder for dealing with the situation.

I will definitely jot that down, but unfortunately I am severely broke at the moment. I just moved across state to live here and have not been able to find a job yet. Thank you very much, though! I am always looking for more books to put on my to-read list.

I didn’t do any research about this type of magick because I want to make sure I do not cause any real harm without meaning to. I know many people here are experienced enough to help.

I actually realized that a few minutes after I wrote that, thank you for mentioning it.

That is a really good idea, thank you!

I’m sorry, I don’t know what those are or how they work. Do you mind explaining?

Angels of Wrath is less than ten bucks on Kindle, but I hear ya.

Yeah, when I say i’m poor, I mean I have zero dollars. I think I found a nickel today, but that’s pretty much it. Lol.

I appreciate the help you guys have all given me, but I have come to the realization that putting a curse on her goes completely against what I an trying to accomplish on my spiritual journey.

Sometimes we get so caught up in researching and studying to become more powerful magickians that we lose sight of the reason we began practicing in the first place.

Even though I didn’t know before, there was something deep inside of me that I had locked away through fear, pain, and hatred.

But no matter how much you repress something, the powers of the universe and of the beings who reside there can see right through you, and so they came forth of their own volition. In one night, they sent me through a journey of what seemed like weeks where I was forced to face the aspects of myself and the world that terrified me beyond anything I could ever imagine, and then ripped out the truth of who I am to show me my true potential.

My true purpose through magick is to expand my consciousness through self-improvement, and then to use the knowledge I gain to help others realize their own personal truth.

My stepmother is not a bad person – she is lost soul. She has given up on life. She is suffering on an existential level and clinging to toxic energy to avoid facing the pain of her reality.

Why would I put a curse on her JUST so that I can get her to annoy me less?

In order to continue on my path, I MUST NOT STRAY FROM MY PURPOSE. I cannot allow myself to fall back into old habits just because they are easier.

Instead, I will spend each day meditating on opening up a channel of positive, healing energy that will, through time, fill her body with so much light that the toxicity, with no room to manifest, will be forced out of her.

I am on this earth to expand my mind and guide others to unlocking their true potential, and I will be damned if I allow the very emotions that blocked my magickal ability to slither their way back into my heart.

(I’m not saying that baneful magick, curses, etc. are wrong or bad – I’m simply saying that these magickal practices are going to lead me astray and halt my progression at this specific time of my life.

Do not mistake my words to imply that other magickians shouldn’t partake in curses, nor do I believe the practice in and of itself is going to hinder anyone from advancing.

Everyone has their own journey, and must listen to their intuition to understand what they must do or avoid to achieve their goals. For many, baneful magick and curses are a crucial step towards their spiritual ascent. I just wanted to add this disclaimer to make sure no one gets the idea that I have anything against this type of magick)

I wanted to share this revelation of mine because I always benefit from reading the POV’s of other people because it causes me to think of concepts I wouldn’t have originally considered.

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Use Bend Over Oil to get her to be kinder to you.

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Thank you. I’ll definitely look into that.

Since you’re no longer cursing her, you can give her actual laxatives to give her diarrhea

Earlier someone mentioned that due to her IBS, that would be a horrible idea because since she already spends a lot of time having diarrhea, inducing even more through a curse or with pills has the potential to put her in the hospital. I’m no longer looking for any ideas to harm her in any form. Thank you for the help, though.

You changed your mind. That’s ok. By the way, if you ever curse someone, you must be ready to accept the possible death of your target, because once you cast the spell, it’s out of your control.

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One additional option: binding.

Binding someone does not, in and of itself, hurt them. It merely restrains the target from causing harm.

One of the first spells I ever did was a binding - to protect a relative from an abusive parent. The victim was well into adulthood and lived over 100 miles away from the target, but the target would not leave the victim alone.

I got a picture of the abuser and some black thread and got to work (yup, just like Sarah in The Craft). And it worked. The victim finally got to live her own life, and the abuser slowly alienated all the other people in her life because she couldn’t torture the victim anymore. She wasn’t harmed, except by her own shitty behavior.


It’s always best to go with your intuition and not do anything hardcore unless you truly mean it. If there comes a time when you need to curse someone, with no regrets, you will know it.

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That is an excellent idea. Thank you so much.

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