Can someone help decode my dream?

Before you go ahead I KNOW there is an existing thread for that ,created by Timothy. Though I feel like it’s slowly dying ,so I’m creating my own topic on this.

The dream was quiet vivid. My apartment is on the second floor and I dreamt I was outside ,on my balcony, looking at the horizon, realising that everything is on fire, the neighbour houses, the mountain, the sky… It felt like the whole street was engulfed by a huge volcano. And then suddenly I turn left and see a huge creature staring at me. It looked like a black panther with black wings ,just like those we see on angel drawings. It looked a lot like this:
[this graphic has been deleted at request of the copyright holder]

But it was furious for some reason and its eyes were glowing red. Even so, I didn’t feel any danger at all.

Then I woke up.

Anyone has any idea what this was/meant?


Maybe you were astral travelling? I’m sorry I can’t be of more help

Anger and danger is all around you with burning destruction and may be warning you of some dangerous or risky activities. You are “playing with fire”.

The black panther is the messenger Lord Lucifer.


Interesting. This exact creature is on the show Merlin on Netflix.

May I ask what you do for a living? And what part of the world you live in?

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I am pretty reckless and usually succumb to my impulses but… Dude, I’ve been pretty calm these days… :sweat_smile:
I also believe it was Lucifer who brought that dream to me , for some reason. I’ve invoked him a couple of times just to feel his energy.
Oh wait… The night before I was talking to a friend about a world domination plan I had a couple of months ago… (and NO I am not an edgelord or emo, I only thought about it as a joke, calm your tits​:joy:) But yeah we were just kidding around. Think it has smth to do with it ? :joy::joy::joy:

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I am a university student in the field of medicine and I am living in Europe.
I don’t know the show though.

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Ok… so… I went into your dream and this is what I got:

Me/you: looking out onto the town from the balcony…it is on fire. I feel rather peaceful and powerful.

I/you look over and see the panther.

I/you ask: what do you want? Did you cause this?

Panther: no. You did.

It flies up to the roof. I/you are there with it. We fly over the city, looking down over it.

There are several scenes of violence, unrest, etc…

Panther: this is your anger and hatred. It consumes the city. You must learn to control it, express it in a positive way. (Something was said here that I can’t remember). This fire will be a reset though, for all the city.

I then asked: what are you?

Panther: Not Bastet. I am a Chimera. I am her spirit guide, her familiar.

This is why i asked what you do. It seems to me from what I saw that you see many injustices that anger you (I thought maybe you were a counselor or a social worker).

The dream seems to be about you being angered over the things you see/experience. Your anger and rage is consuming the city. This to me shows that you have the ability and could have the opportunity to bring some real changes to the city in which you live, some much needed changes. But you should do it in a constructive way…don’t let your anger bring the city down. It shows, however, that you will bring a “new age” so to speak to your city.

The statement “not Bastet” I believe was to me, because in the show they called this winged panther that. But I included it for you just in case it has meaning to you as well.

The creature is a Chimera…so you should look those up. It doesn’t exactly fit a standard chimera, but that’s what I was told. Try typing in Chimera but also Chimera Black Panther as well.

It seems that this is your spirit guide and familiar.

Hope that helps!

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Thanks for the wonderful insight! I really appreciate you doing this for me.
Hm… Not a spirit guide I am aware of. I have a different guide AT THE MOMENT.
But it might be my uh… “spiritual self” ? :confused:
It’s weird cause people have used the phrase “a kitty that can transform into a panther” before so… I think there’s something there…

Yup. That’s true. Incredibly accurate.

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Well, you know, we have more than one spirit guide, even when we are not aware of them…so it may be a guide you didn’t know about introducing itself to you… it specifically used the words spirit guide and familiar.

Sure thing! My pleasure! I’m glad it helps!

I’ll definitely look into it, thanks :wink:

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You’re welcome! :wink:

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first when we sleep we go everywhere,now when world is in chaos which showed as fire etc, this creature looked like save escape option for you. Someone who can help escape from it. Its low astral. They force some much movies etc about apocalipse ppl think much about it. If all concentrate if there something like law of attraction they will get it.Mostly all talk its end times