Can someone give me Tips on starting the LHP?

Ill begin using Timothy’s LHP as my code.

I read it focuses on individuality, so maybe asking is not good. But still, hiw can I get the best of it?

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Well, master your magick, work with lucifer, create your own reality.

I like the walk in the middle, create my reality in resonance with my higher self rather than my ego.

LHP is mostly about demonic integration, fortifying the mind and becoming your own God which is amazing.

Most RHP magicians would be much better white magicians if they went down LHP first. LHP is a path of insane levels of self mastery in my opinion but you should also remain balanced with the RHP, I’ve found this to be best.

If you want the most out of it, I’d say Lucifer is your first stop.

But isnt LHP atheistic? Like no Gods at all?
Or is it that demons and Lucifer are just titles or symbols of hidden parts of ourselves?

Well you’re God consciousness by nature, from that point of view everything is a part of your subconscious.

Lucifer helps with self deification.


Hello me, you mean that in solipsistic terms?

Yes and no, everything is self but that doesn’t entail that everything is you, there is no you and everything and everyone is the one god or creator soul.

From my experience and understanding the LHP is a narcissistic worship of the self, both the egos desires and the greater self beyond space and time. Everything answers to the LHP magician and the LHP magician is above everything in the hierarchy of existence. The LHP magician says the world revolves around me and I am going to see to it I get what I want.

I think theirs healthy levels of narcissism and i believe in integration of the shadow. But from my experience of the LHP it’s a lot of madness, pain, suffering, and insanity. Expect a lot of sacrafices, it could be other people or yourself.

I’ve read about some theories that it sents you to naraka. But I have to try cause other religions are full of errors in my eyes.

LHP vs RHP is overdone imo. All it means is magick for yourself vs magick in service to others. So, freedom of individuality as opposed to required community to serve.

But this means there’s no such thing as a LHP or RHP spell: it’s the intent you use it with that matters.

No you are not required to do anything different as LHP, no “sacrifices” are required whatsoever.
It’s all in the attitude and intention.

You don’t have to work with entities either. The whole point of LHP is you do what YOU want, no rules. This ALSO means, no rules that say you can’t do things for others. NO rules: be yourself.

Focus on being a sovereign being first and foremost. No worship, never give your power away to anyone, never just be told what to think by anyone.

Find out who you want to be, and what that looks like, and do magick to get you there. That is quintessentially LH. And in the end, all paths lead to Rome: ascension.

Build your own kingdom, where you are fulfilled in all areas, wealth, women wine and song, whatever floats your boat.


I just realized I was on this path,months ago , without knowing. How do I escape it? Can I still be a Luciferian without being LHP?
Its making me crazy. But I dont want to lose my ego, I think the middle path suits me, but I dont want it if it relates to buddhism.

To add to this: No rules also means there is no one and nothing to blame but yourself. Being sovereign mean the responsibility for your life is completely on you. It’s not on God, or Lucifer, or Satan, or Odin, and the consequences of your choices are yours alone to bear.

Some people think that being LHP means they can be an asshole without consequences, but what it actually means is acceptance of total responsibility for what you do. If you go around punching people, you must accept that someone will eventually punch you back, or possibly even escalate further and kill you. If you choose to be kind, you accept the risk of that kindness being thrown back in your face and being hurt. These are choices we all make every day.

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And what would Middle hand path mean?

Middle Path basically means walking between the excesses of both the Right Path and the Left Path.

Creation begets destruction, and vice versa. You cast down, and you raise up. Like the universe itself, you move through cycles, perhaps focusing on one hand or the other at a time, but then always returning to the centre. It allows you to move in any direction you choose.


I have no idea where you heard the crock of shit that tells you there are no gods, but if you want to realise anything at all then you must realise that in the pursuit of matters regarding the self and nothing but the self you must be prepared to suffer. In matters of the ego, Suffering = Power. Why? Because the ego is a fragile shell that makes way for the sourceful self to enact its will. When you rend holes in your ego, the source of self enacts itself stronger through your ego.

Think of a brick wall as your ego.
Think of flowing water as energetic prowess.
Think of a thirsty mouth - that is your desire for attainment.

Keep masturbating your ego, and you will keep building the brick wall thicker that holds away your energy. What you consider attainment will merely be delusion.

Now destroy the brick wall holding back the water and there will be nothing but a crashing flood that will eventually dissipate.

Remove the correct bricks, in the right pattern - day by day, and excercise the will to create a beautiful water feature out of this brick wall that allows the water to flow through - and know that it is YOU picking away at the brick, you will not only satiate the desire for attainment but you will have created a mesmerising fountain.

That is doing things by the “Left Hand”. By the hand that removes to create, allowing mutuability.

-Lotan Vovin

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It’s your choice definition of LHP are different from the reality.

Observe the LHP people and decide if that’s the trajectory you wanna go.

Maybe their practice it’s flawed the no rules thing sounds like the correct definition.

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perfectly said.

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