Can someone give me sigil of archangel jehudiel

Archangel jehudiel is archangel of work/workplace, job, job satisfaction etc. I want to use his energy to make sure my best friend gets the job he is preparing for within few months. :blush: thanks in advance for helping me out.


Um…have you tried Google? (I just did and a bunch of different options showed up)

Or, better yet, make your own with the Rose Cross?

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Give me a moment, I will draw one from the rose.

Try this for Jehudiel.


above sigil seems legit,
What if I make a custom sigil using the words “jehudiel”, will it still work?

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The rose sigil wheel

A few rules for creating sigils…

  1. Visually map out all the letters before drawing it. Treat this as if you only have one piece of paper to work with.
  2. Place the piece of paper over it, and get an idea of how it is to be traced.
  3. Note any double letters. Where double letters fall, that part of the sigil will appear as a m or a w. Double letters have a small curve loop.
  4. Circle symbolizes the first letter, a flat small line symbolizes the last letter.

Map it out, trace it and youre all good.


@ElectricDragon, not sure. I would use the sigil I provided. If you don’t get the desired result, you could use a Otto Spare type or custom sigil.

Thats what I meant. Thanks :slight_smile:

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hey, thank you man, thanks a thousand times for drawing it and uploading, really appreciate it. :bowing_man: :pray:

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Thanks for this.