Can someone find our if I use the Master Curse from Gordon Winterfield' Magickal Attack?

I have been wrongs and a huge chunk of property was takes way from me by people I thought I trusted. I never fealt this more betrayed then this. And it isn’t just one individual. A lot of people did and it’s not me being paranoid. I have evidence. That forceed my father mentally and emotionally blackmailed him to do it. Now me and my brother are left without heritage.

I’m so sick of these guys. I want to perform a master Curse at them.

So I have a few questions:

Is this Curse effective?

Can this curse backfire? If so will Damon Brand’s Protection Magick be sufficient?

More importantly can the person detect my curse? (One of them is a priest but yet to see any powers)

Thank you such for listening. There really aren’t any other groups I can take about these kings of stuffs. So I really appreciate it. :pray:

There are several posts on the forum about people’s success with it.

Curses seldom backfire. Generally, the only time a curse you send would strike back at you, or those around you, is if the target has protections in place that reflect back what is coming at them.

Yes, if they are sensitive and know how to detect incoming energies.


Is there any precautions I can take to avoid being detected?

You can disguise your energetic signature so the curse cannot be traced back to you, but you can’t really disguise the curse itself. If the target is sufficiently sensitive, they will detect it, regardless of what you do, simply because the curse has to interact with their energetic field in order to affect it. If they’re not sensitive, they might not know it’s a curse, but they will still know that something is going on, in the same way that anyone can walk into a room in which a bad argument took place, and can feel the tension in the air, whether they’re sensitive to energy or not.


Ummm that curse has a part where you blind the target. Will that prevent it ? I mean prevent him from actually pointing his finger at it?

I think that depends on the will and awareness of the target. It may or may not be effective enough to prevent them from sensing the curse, especially if the target is another practitioner.


He’s a priest that practices sufusm and Buddhism. I doubt most of his mystical shit work but still I’m not sure. Any suggestions? How to approach this?

You could also do a ritual called ‘destroy defenses’ from the Angels of Wrath book. That makes the target unable to defend against attacks. You can specify during the ritual your specific need. And do a binding before the Master Curse. I did this and the Master Curse on someone who had actively worked to undermine and attack me in a work situation. It took a while to fully hit - but there were small things before it did. But 3 years later, this person developed serious health issues out of the blue, which has severely affected their career and they ended up leaving my office. They’re still not back to full health. Also, their relationship broke up and everyone has a negative opinion of them.

If you read Magickal Attack, it says that you need to perform the ritual with no guilt and be sure you want to do it. There is no risk of backlash if done properly.


Will I have to do the Destroy Defenses each time before I do baneful magick?

No, but some people do because they say it makes other workings more effective. But you don’t have to.


I think Shaz is intended to make the target blind of attacks

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Whereas its possible they may know if their senses are good, to reduce the risk of this, the first three days of the ritual are about obscuring the target’s unconcentional senses

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I have done this on someone. It is effective. I did this as my very first piece of magick ever. That was a few years back. There has been no backfire whatsoever. This person still breaths but only because i did not put a time limit on it. However, they live terribly and far away from me. So in that regard, its good enough for me. Their entire life has been destroyed. Family. Relationships. Work. Everything. Dont worry about being new to magick. Thats perfectly fine. As long as you have a strong will, it will all work. Good luck. Best regards.


This is awesome

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Nice, I utilised this on my foes in 2021, whole twelve day process through for each of them. Unfortunately, target feedback is extremely difficult to obtain.

I realise this will vary greatly, but wondering how long before results started to show and how long before they became significant in nature?

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The first three days of The Master Curse is the ritual for the Demon Shaz (sometimes called Shax), to “remove sight, hearing and understanding from the enemy” in order to make your curse indetectible.
If you like Gordon Winterfield’s method (yes, I know I am fixated about it :rofl: ), and you have his another book, “Demons of Magick”, you can also add a few rituals…

  • Agares - to remove their magickal/mental power and protection (I would do separate petitions for every guys you need to curse but do a one Agares ritual)
  • Vine - to remove their resistance of your Magick,
  • Valac - to regain your stolen goods
  • Andromalius - to bind them from doing anything evil to you
  • Andromalius (separate ritual) - to “punish the thieves” - this power is known from other sources (A. Crowley’s Goetia)

I have to add (cannot edit) that in my topic, @Azhriaz (big thanks!) told me Andromalius also can give you stolen goods. He likes to punish the thieves and bring back the goods to the owner.
We can consider him as a “Demon of law and justice” :wink:

Well, it took about a month to kick in. It started small and had a HUGE snowball effect. The S.OB. got his ass handed to him. Lost his job first (although that wasnt part of my works). Then got divorced (his wife filed). Went hard on the drugs. Lost his home. No place to live. I lost track of him after that.


Oh, i should add that every so often i do hear about him. Last thing i heard is that hes having a hell of a time. Super down on his luck as he described it. Hahaha! :rofl: so satisfying.


Thanks, always interesting to see how these things play out

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