Can someone feel the energy off this sigil?

So I made a sigil to banish all current imposter spirits from my life that have been screwing with me, before I burn it do you sense those energies in there? I mean I see it glowing kind of but I want to see what you guys think

I just want to hear what you guys see and feel off this

I don’t feel anything off it the only thing I get is It reminding me of the necronomicon seals. You say you made it up?

No it was made off the word method, to banish all imposter spirits, and a minute ago I put my finger on it and traced it with gold light to charge it so idk

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Well it probably works cuz you charged it but if it’s to banish maybe it only gets felt strongly by entities (including people) with negative intentions and you because you charged it. Or I’m just not sensitive enough to sense it at the present time.

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Oh ok

It seems fine

Sigil magick needs to be understood for what you’re actually doing before you use it. It’s like you’re making a mental association. It means you need clear intent when attaching that meaning to the sigil. I got a few feelings off of it, but I am unique in the regard where I see things that either aren’t there or shouldn’t be there.

But I feel like it will work regardless. A simple action can have a lot of power even without correlation.


To me this sigil kinda looks like a dude in robes and a good projecting his arms outward toward the right.

Kinda like he pushing energy or something.

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