Can someone explain me what the f*ck just happened? Is my friend evil?

This was a year ago, I was a rookie and I’m still a rookie cause I haven’t tried more magic. I don’t know if the third eye is a metaphor or is actually something that opens your psychic senses, but I tried to summon sargatanas to open it for me(I just told him but I think I’m too rookie to listen to his voice), after few hours of the ritual/meditation my friend came to my house and we were talking shit, I’m in my bed then out of nowhere I start hearing static noises in front of me, I think I saw a bolt of lighting floating, this type of thing has never happened in my life before, though I finally reached my psychic powers but then…I saw my friend smile at me and he put his hand in my forehead and started moving in it around clockwise,I’m paranoid he did it because he knew what I was experiencing and just took advantage of it to absorb my powers away from me lol.
I still dont know to this day why the fuck he did that, but if my senses are correct, he is a selfish living parasite, or maybe im just overreacting. Tried to contact the demons again but now i dont get answers
Any thoughts?

It could have just been to calm you down. It could have been many things dont jump to the worst case scenario. Hell, sargatanas may have even possessed your friend in that moment. It is possible.

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yeah, I have problems of always thinking the worst case scenario :frowning:

Magick tends to bring out the best and worst in people. In my experience, any underlying fears or anxieties you might have will become increasingly obvious and prevalent in your life until theyre dealt with.

I only bring this up because of your prior thread. If this is something you really want to get into you will have to be comfortable facing your demons. This isnt me saying “stay away”, so much as im saying “be smart, and dont hurt yourself”.

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I think I’m missing a bit of the story - what do you think he did, and have you noticed any changes afterwards that you attribute to it?

If you haven’t actually noticed any changes, he didn’t do anything, and you’re kind of crying before you’re hurt.

Results are what matter - no results. no matter. Also, why didn’t you just ask him?


@Mulberry ulbeere this is what I was thinking, was why not just ask the friend? seems like the logical next step. I mean even if he were parasytic it isnt like he will hold him down and suck the magick out of him. lol.

op, I suggest asking your friend, but if your instincts are screaming that he is bad news then end it. don’t second guess your intuition.

He is a really nice guy tbh, but my intuition have been telling i shouldn’t trust him, maybe cause i have seen he is a good liar and that’s all, but my head keeps telling me somethings wrong


hmm meditate on it and try to sort it out, it is good that you trusted your instincts. also I have noticed a bit how the mention of simply asking him is one that hasn’t had notice or you seem to havent paid it much mind. if it is alright, are you afraid to ask him about that or is something else keeping you from it? or perhaps you already have and the answer bothered you. also if you simply wish to not touch on that ill drop it.

It was a year ago, so im afraid he’ll think of me as weird or paranoic for asking him that, but ill do it, a silly moment wont matter that much

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detach yourself from the emotions you have of his response. instead simply play detective and see whether his answer or reactions confirm or deny. if he doesn’t recall or know what your talking about, could be possession or he is lying. if he is straight forward and said he did it for what ever reason, he is either being honest or lying. if he thinks you’re weird and avoids it, then he remembers and he may be what you suspect

considering looking at what described i would say that any info you get asking will be limited but should give a dash of insight. I wish you luck with this

In Reiki,clockwise is commonly used to open up the chakra to allow more energy on it, probably your friend was possesed, or realised what was happening to you, and contributed to the process.

If nothing new has happened in the intervening year to concern you then I’d say yes, you are just being a bit paranoid.

Not sure why but some people get very shifty when they find out others are doing magic, and by that I mean, you. You seem to be projecting a lot of suspicion upon, and reading double meanings into, the things this guy does.

Magic doesn’t make a person evil or give them superpowers. If your friend hasn’t done anything overtly strange in the past year, let it go and meditate on your own overreaction, to get to its root causes.

I doubt it usually turning something clockwise means to activate it. So maybe the spirit used your friend to activate your third eye or possibly they sensed you were trying to open them and gave it a nudge.