Can someone evoke Archangel Michael on my behalf?

I need some questions answered and I am unable to evoke currently, I realise its a lot to ask but is someone willing to help, itd be very helpful

You don’t need to evoke in the traditional way. You can perform a simple summoning/petition, or you can pray.

To summon him, find his Seal and trace over it to create your copy. You can put yourself into a light/medium trance after opening the Seal, then call his name three times with authority and the expectation that he turns up.

Or you can open it and then pray to him. He will hear you.

Make sure you burn the Seal afterwards to close the gateway so that his energies stop flowing into your reality. Otherwise you could end up with problems.


thank you for the advice,

but i cannot evoke him currently (have my reasons)

but ill try this then as well

i use Damon Brand Archangels of magick

So use the prayer method. Open his Seal, get into a meditative trance, and then pray. Ask your questions. Expect to get answers. Don’t set a time frame or expectations for how you’ll get the answers, but expect to get answers in whichever way the Universe will deliver.

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Does this method work with all? I’ve had some trouble concentrating when i get into a trance, mind wonders and such.

No I think you should do what we were talking about yesterday.


I think the prayer method works with all angels.