Can someone do a reading for my situation?

I’ve been having dreams and I and experiences well one experience when I was meditating I was thinking visualizing and I lost complete and utter control of the visualization the images went completely out of my control is as if a screen is flashing right before my eyes and then it went completely blank all I saw was Darkness and then Spears holding universes and galaxies and then a hand came out this was during the meditation I said I could create their destiny and I could destroy it at any time I’ve desire that came out of my mouth as soon as I said it I had also dreams where I was on a dead planet meditating on a vortex with we’re Spears made of made of out air and a voice said to me you have yin and yang inside you and I felt in my base chakra a pressure in my sleep and as soon as that happened the Vortex Lost balance but then I was transported into a world where I started losing form and shape I was feeling no emotion I looked at my hand and there were there was nothing and I woke and I felt odd the next day I had a dream where Elliot Stabler and Olivia Benson from SVU were in it but I had Godlike powers to move them from in between time and space the other and is that I saw Odin in one of my dreams and I told them that I could kill them if I well desired the other I was in a shopping center I felt like moving my hands and my hands moved and as soon as I move my hands the buildings moved with my hands as reality warped I have papers speaking about what omnipotence is and all his powers I got in with my father and during that dream during that dream sequence I saw them with coffee stains some parts not the part with omnipotence that said omnipotence that describe done that just the part that describes certain powers that weren’t on the omnipotent my question to you is what do these dreams mean and am I getting closer

Last not to be a bother but I wanted to know in the reading also when I would get results in the physical world I would like to see it by the end of next year or sooner because I’m using a force booster but what do the cards tell you or the spirits or my dreams

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Holy carrot! @Lady_Eva can help you with this - Or point you in the right direction.

I can help with a rune reading if you want.

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OP asked, am busy and also not my kind of area really, soz. :thumbsup:

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You can


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I got something you might not fancy - It’s probably just not a correct and accurate reading. You should consult others.

I will share it,anyways

1)Perthro was reversed.
Addiction(Dependency) and stagnation

You have a driving force to acquire - A force that offers you motivation and a sense of purpose

Disruption by outer forces - which is not necessarily bad

Your results is likely to be disrupted by something
Just my take!



So I won’t gain result in a year nor a month when will I get results and what changes should I make

Well I’m not on drugs
I don’t have an addiction to that my results are stagnant in the subliminal gain other than that the rest is pretty spot-on

I’ll look into this gemme a sec

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Perhaps it could mean addiction as in you may rely on subliminals too much? Could be wrong just a thought.


Not necessarily ‘drugs’.
It could be anything

Wisely said!

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I believe @telgega can give you accurate answers on that!

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I’m an SVU fan too. Olivia Benson in a dream? You’re so lucky!

If Det. Benson was in my dreams, she could arrest me anytime :heart_eyes:! Hello!

That blond District Attorney too. Forgot her name. She’s hot and a lesbian though.

Stabler is a bit of an a**hole. Never liked him.

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Dec 2nd…that’s all I got


December 2nd of this year or next year if you didn’t get which that will be okay thank you

I saw on the 2nd of December some minor effects from omnipotence subliminal supermoon that I was using so you were right for example I could not explode clouds as quickly as I did that before that day I imagine constructs around the clouds and exploded much faster item cost subtle events to happen but nothing too big then they started settling down as the day progressed

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