Can someone curse this person. She put a curse on me and she's a horrible person

Mylife pretty much fell apart because of her. Anyone willing to take on this bitch of bitches. Thanks

so youve only been here 4 days, and you already want to turn us into your personal hitmen…for free xD


I’m with @Verdo … I understand wanting someone cursed, trust me I have two targets I’ve wanted dead for over a year, but I’m still willing to do it all myself.

Yes, I’ve asked for help, but would never just expect someone to do anything for me.

Like I’ve said lots, I got targets for practice if anyone wants em, but I’m still willing to do it by myself.


It ended with me selling my soul. Yes.

Who is this addressing?

This is regarding what?

This girl. I can send photos. She needs to be destroyed.

Yes for free

No, I got that part. I meant who were you replying to?

And to expect us to do your dirty work for free is exceedingly presumptuous and slightly insulting, honestly.


You are beyond delusional if you think people who dont know you are just gonna throw their hard worked energy at someone whom we dont know and for what moral code defiance did this person commit to earning a curse


There’s resources on here that will show you how to use curses. The most potent ones are the ones you do yourself, since you’re the one who can fuel the most hatred towards your target. Contrary to popular belief, cursing is almost too easy, the rituals aren’t too involved.
Good luck, happy hunting :slight_smile:


Wow dude, no, that’s not how this works. These guys are right, you need to either make some actual friends (which is a process of give and take) or do it yourself. We’re dark magicians, not chumps, and certainly not servants.


@Halastjarna i agree. Thank you for validating my point. Probably i weekend user anyways another suspicious post


@787400xps Okay. For what it’s worth, I don’t believe in bashing people for asking for favours. “Free work” as it is should not be looked down upon. However, I do expect details. I am going to be straightforward here. I like to know why my target practice has ended up being in that position. Also, if I were to be absolutely pedantic this isn’t “free work” as far as I am concerned. It’s “target practice”. The difference of course being that the first guarantees results while the second is just the person you use when you have a new spell to try out. Either way I do expect a “why”. From there on, I am willing to consider.


I would say that “black magickian” and “servant” are not mutually exclusive terms. That being said I do refuse to kneel before someone who has done nothing to deserve it.


@787400xps Short summary: Give me a “why” and I might give you the curse you want.


I have a pedo I’m looking to go group work on, but have always been hesitant to ask for assistance with the target because of reactions like this …I see where people are coming fro i.e. " doing somone else’s dirty work" though. And I’m curious about the details too, as I don’t think it’s a very sound practice to curse for trivial reasons & one’s idea of things done that are ‘ruining’ a life, or trying to, are surely going to differ


I wish you luck and any help you might need.

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@Verdandi PM me with an explanation. I have a few things to try out anyways. I don’t understand personally why people complain about being asked for free work.


Add me to the conversation, I’d also like to practice

Did you get this idea because of the other day’s post where we discussed how to send untraceable curses? Here’s the thing; if you can’t do the curse yourself and actually give a shit about learning then that is all the more reason you should be trying to do this yourself.

You believe your soul has been forfeit, yet you won’t even do this yourself? C’mon. If your soul is truly no longer your own then there is little to fear from engaging the individual directly. What’s the worst thing that can happen? She retaliates and brings destruction to your soulless shell? That, and how is it you sold your sould and did not even gain the power to destroy a mortal?

This is suspicious, @TheStorm and @Ravenxoxo. I don’t care what explanation he gives. There is just too much wrong with this scenario.

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