Can someone contact Lucifer for me?

If you’ve read all my questions in the past you must be thinking " wow this dude can really type away his problems" put I’m really trying to contact Lucifer, sometimes I really think I’m making progress but now it seems like I have no clue what I’m doing, I can’t really see or hear anything. I can’t tell if I’m doing a good job or it’s just my mind playing tricks on me.

Is anyone experienced that can contact him for me? Is it possible to make a pact for me? Or just tell him " hey this dude really wants to talk to you" I would really appreciate this, I just don’t know what to do, I feel like I’m failing

I live in a full house so I can’t preform a “full on ritual” I can hardly meditate, I just want to accomplish things with Lucifer that I really can’t do in this environment I’m in


Quite honestly? No one would do this. The Operators hate it, the Spirits hate it and we get requests such as yours every other day…
If you doubt your own self, what do you think it will change if someone else will reach out Lucifer for you…? Still you won’t see him, still you won’t hear him and still you’ll have to do the whole work yourself.

I don’t know what exactly you have in mind, but you don’t need a “full on ritual”

You can meditate everywhere and anytime, no matter if you live in a city, or a village or in a tiny house with 20 more people. There’s no excuse, really.

With this mindset you won’t accomplish much even if someone else makes a pact for you. If the environment in your house is so bad, then it is time to go for some walks in a park or forest or mountain.


You really need to read the forum for info. Because if you would, you’d know that you need NOTHING to summon a spirit.

And also, no one wants or likes to summon or speak to spirits for others. If you think the place isn’t right, then make it right, or something. As I said, search the forum and you’ll find the answers you want!


I have learnt how to meditate with open eyes while walking, running or doing anything. I call it “mind shut down” because I really shut down and empty my thoughts. It has amazing results though!


I did some research and E.A says he can contact spirits in for you. Is he just trying to make a quick Buck knowing that the spirits he contacts won’t take the person he’s doing it for seriously?

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He can, but E.A. won’t do it for free :smirk::wink:

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But spirits still hate it right, even through ea


The Spirits prefer to be summoned from the one who has the task/question for them. But that doesn’t mean they won’t answer to someone else. We here in BALG forum avoid to do that, for many reasons. First we don’t like it, second Spirits don’t like it and third because no one wants to be the “inbetween” for every single person out there who wants to come in touch with a Spirit. We encourage to do your own work yourself.


Look dude, if you’re trying to contact Lucifer, all you really got to do is want to feel it in your heart. You don’t have to have an elaborate ritual with 36 concentric circles with 36 candles at each of the points of the circles in the hour of Mars on the day of Venus, you don’t have to have all that crap. Go outside, find a quiet spot, and think about it, that’s literally all you really have to do. He’ll show you the rest once you get in contact.


@Anassa @anon72564005 I agree there!

@Tgard_64 I suggest you to work on meditation, no matter where you are. Find a nice spot, close your eyes and rest your mind. You don’t need anything complex to do that, nor to summon a spirit. Actually, you can do it with no tools at all! Not even a sigil nor an enn.

You already said it, and he already heard. Now just use your intuition.
Visualise that he’s right next to you, ask a question in your mind, and imagine the conversation - after a while you realise it’s not just your imagination when the results start to come, it was clairsentience all along.


@Maulbeere Thanks! So when I imagine the conversation eventually it will become OBVIOUS that he is talking back and it’s not just me imagining the convo anymore? That’s the part that kind of tricks me, not knowing if he’s really there or if it’s my mind

Yea because what they say is sometimes surprising - and out of character for what you’d say if someone asked you the same question.

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No it’s not.
E.A. Spendt a lot of time allowing others to learn his skills and teach others in doing these things themselves.

He does offer Personal Service aswell:

If they would, E.A. wouldn’t life to tell.^^



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I called him and he told me to leave a message


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That looks like click bait to me, but what do I know?

if you can’t do it in the environment u r in then go somewhere else

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WELL SAID. Im so glad i never got into all that wiccan bs where you need the special coloured-candles and all that. This energy is any time, anywhere.

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