Can someone contact Belial for me since I am unable to?

Yooo can someone please invoke or evoke Belial and ask him about me? I want to see what his opinion of me actually is. I’d ask him myself but my current life situation won’t allow me.

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You don’t need anything but yourself. Have you been working on communication skills that don’t require tools?


Apparently you didn’t read my post.

Alright look I’m on an occult forum where contacting spirits are commonplace I need someone who is willing to do this for me because my life situation will not allow me to. Period. I do not have the tools and I do not need a Facebook group I need a willing human being to ask Belial about me. Simple. If you are not willing to do that then do not comment. I see other people on here doing random “backgrounds checks” I guess you could call it on individuals because they don’t like their fucking posts. I don’t have the tools right now and even if I did I’m never alone long enough to do these things. I’m not going to repeat myself again. Help me.

You’re angry, dear. I’d allow myself to tell you to forward this anger towards something creative. And since your life situation allows you to post here in BALG, I don’t see any setbacks for you to address Belial personally. Imagine yourself a mighty prince lets say. Who’s able to solve anyone’s problems. Would you be happy to be addressed by me asking for a favour for somebody else with the explanation that this somebody else’s life situation doesn’t allow him to close his eyes and call your name …

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Yikes, that’s such a bitter response to someone who was sincerely trying to be helpful. I recently had success with his help that’s the only reason I said anything. Most people dont work for free, especially not for people they dont know.


Why are you unable to

You act like I can just call him up on my cellphone? And I don’t want or need to hear that. That’s not helpful and you obviously are not helping me.

Doesn’t matter. The fact is I cannot.

With this anger you have, I am pretty sure Belial will not tell you good things mate.Calm it.

To other people, please do flag something if you see a post as utterly rude.No matter who it is, hell, flag the moderator if you think mod is behaving like an asshole. (Honest advice from someone who gets flagged a lot :wink:)


I’m annoyed not angry.

I’m annoyed not angry ya know what nevermind I know someone on here that will do it for me I just need to find him and send him a pm but thanks for the advice I guess

Forget it. I forget no one here is my friend lmao I can’t expect any kind of help from any of you. It was ignorant of me to even ask in a post.

Dude’s got a point here, sorry folks. Hang on, I’ll see if I can raise the big guy. :+1:

Nah forget it I no longer want your help.

I’ll just delete the post.

Wasting your time is also wasting his time and your wasting yours by wasting mine.

Tough, I raised him he showed me that you need to:

  • move into the “sunlight” which meant specifically enjoying the good things and gifts of the world around you, be less inwards focused and dwelling on deeper satuff

  • you need to kind of make the material world, specifically your surroundings and possessions, nicer, “make them your bitch” so to speak, be less focused on minds, your own and what others rthink, for a while

  • do the exact verse about mastery of the world from Israel Regardie’s Talisman book and actually do either a Jupiter or Solar talisman.

I’ll give you some pointers if you want, or, you can just keep on being a brat.


Thanks but still fuck you

“he needs to take care of his health.” is what i think i heard from the Beings i am working with right now