Can someone check if Lucifer has hear me?

Ive have tried calling/Summoning/ evoking Lucifer and would like to know if anyone can ask or check for me if lucifer has heard my plea or if I made contact. ( I am currently dealing with a time sensitive situation and since I am new to the magick world need to know if hes will to work with me) also can I talk to him through a Ouija board?
Thank you in advance. All input are appreciated

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Whatever is going on in your life right now it will get better, don’t worry. As E.A was saying in his book " You need to die to be reborn ".
I know that’s quite hard to get Lucifer come to you, first you need to be much stronger but that doesn’t mean he didn’t heard your voice, sometimes you don’t feel , hear or see but, that doesn’t mean he is not there. Sometimes he speaks with our mind, whatever you have asked, it will come , usually in a way that you don’t expect.

I remember what Belial has told me once " I need to trust you first and you to trust me and, I will treat you like my comrade "

I know this is not the answer that you might expect, but the forum will come and answer to your questions more than I did.

Hail Satan !


If you tried evoking, you can clearly see Lucifer and so can Lucifer see you.

He appeared as a black shadow man and I got that vision for few minutes.

I did not constrain him so he left before hearing my request.

Also I used the original sigil of Lucifer which can be found in some books.
Go and get that sigil of Lucifer in the Lucifer and Hidden Demons book.

It is all about your intuition, if you can feel Lucifer heard you, then he actually did.

You can also use Ouija board if you cannot hear them clearly, your intuition is going to answer you.
Cleanse the board with white sage and consecrate it. You can find the consecration of Ouija board on vk jehannum wordpress website.

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I made his sigil on the floor with electric tape face East.
Its there something i can take or buy to induce me into the “trance”?

Never waste money.
I was on Reddit and a guy told me a name of medicine I havent heard of

Listen to youtube videos, it is important to get into trance thats where I failed to evoke/invoke demons.

Taking that you can feel demons :100: . it was a name of cough syrup. I will tell you the name

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Meditation will help you achieve the trance state you are looking for.

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Okay I used this method

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That contains codeine?

I usually fall sleep or nod-off

Try walking meditation, or listen to music. Some music can help you get into a trance-state if you focus.
Dancing can also be used to get into a powerful trance-state.


Are you sitting or laying down?

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I feel like I’m been doing it all but still no feedback from the entities I have contacted (ive tried Summoning sallos(1), amon (twice), dantalion(2), vine(1) king paimon (2) sitri(3), bune(1), lucifer (12) and still nothing. Just wanted to know if i got through.

Practice makes perfect. Keep trying and you’ll get there. Keep a good focus on your breath as it comes in. As you exhale feel yourself falling. Like you sometimes feel yourself in your sleep and it jolts you awake. Purposely feel yourself falling.

As you feel yourself sink lower and lower into relaxation you’ll find you’re already in that trance you are trying to achieve

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Both. Been doing it for 30 to 45 mins. For about 2 months now every day and nothing

Ok so you can sit and meditate for 30 minutes. It usually only takes a matter of minutes before your mind is starting to enter an altered state. You are already there you just havent recognized it yet.

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Have you tried void meditation?

Ive taken these in tea and also smoked (separately and also together)

I’m running out of time.

no what kind?


Thank you brother

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