Can somebody offer an explanation?

Hello everybody,

I’ve had some experieces I wanted to share, but have no idea what’s going on.

Last week, I’ve experienced a black goat figure, very much like Baphomet his popular picture, in front of me, sometimes doing things with his swordfinger whilst pointing at my body.

Last weekend, in the state before falling asleep; an inverted pentagram formed at my abdomen. The day after, whilst in the shower; I saw a complete black figure, humanoid, with upright horns (like upright bullhorns, not goat horns).

Any idea what this means?


Hmm… idk but I’m going to be following this thread to see what answers you get.

I had a similar dream the other night… a goat headed man similar to baphomet sitting on a throne and I bowed down to him.


Here’s an update; I have an actual black shadow like entity inside of me.
Coming up at the back of my body.

Yesterday before falling asleep; I felt threatened by somebody and this shadow covered me; like something coming over me; I grew huge horns; wich grew backward.

In the past I experienced this shadow as a black snake; thinking or fooling myself it was my kundalini snake. This cobra also comes up when I have feelings of being threatened.

As for yesterday night; after the experience things became really warm; like lying in the midst of the sunshine on a very warm summer day. Very comforting to be honest.

Nobody ever experienced something like this? Or have any idea what’s going on?

To give some more info; some neighbours here play around with white light; I’ve had white stuff thrown on me by some girls; and one time during an orgasm; something or somebody removed black matter from inside of me. I’ve blocked it though; and she didn’t got it all out in time.

I feel somebody is trying to remove my shadow part; some unbalanced ‘lightworker’ ; a neighbour of mine is member of 2 groups of facebook who work with this white time/ angel / alien type of stuff to ‘help’ humanity.

All of this is without my consent. I’ve always minded my own business; haven’t bothered nobody. Would I be correct with this explanation; that they try to remove my shadow part, in the false pretence of ‘helping’ me? I feel the energy is being raised here every single night aswell; uprooting me.

Was this a dream or did someone actually throw something on you? This obviously sounds like a hex and a warning.

You use the term “light workers” what are light workers?

What country are you from and is this your current location?

It was real. Was sitting on my balcony, and some girls on the street did this, multiple times.

I’ve also experienced a white cat at night, multiple times, and very coincidentally when such things happen.

I came across the term ‘light worker’, as people who see it as duty or something to ‘help’ people - to clean them, or heal in their perception. People who see things black and white basically; as good vs evil.

As for the white stuff; I’ve called upon the Goddess Mahakali a couple of times through her mantra’s; and one female in the area starting screaming, coincidentally, to stop and go away. The white stuff also bounced of me after being energized by Mahakali, with a surprised response from those girls outside.

It’s at this point I realized this is not in my mind, and I entered into a loop of fear basically. I never really thought magic is real; and certainly not in my country, always percieved it as something hidden; or almost extinct. Ever since I moved here into one of the bigger cities of my country, Belgium, stuff has been going on.

I’ve been accused of being possessed by people at my previous job; and even called a ‘woman hater’ , wich is not the case, hence I called upon Mahakali to prove otherwise.
At that job some dude walked upon me very fast, I saw it from the corner of my eyes, I slowly turn to look, and as soon as he crossed my eyes, he fell down flat on the ground. This was all last year, but shit never really stopped.

I even went to Malaysia, to visit a temple to handle me being so-called possessed, wich was not true, they told me it’s something that looks over me.

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Visions employ symbols from the demonic, the black snake is a warning that someone has placed a destruction hex on you and represents hidden danger that is upcoming. The faceless, black demon with horns is another sign as well as the upturned pentagram, someone practices the black arts and cast against you.

All the signs are there, including the physical warning with them throwing white powder on you. Someone wants you to know that you have been hexed and feels powerful, with both physical acts to frighten and intimidate you as well as the spiritual signs and visions.


Crazy. Thx for your response and explanation. Not sure yet how I’m going to handle this…

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These people seem to know you, where you live and where you work. Were you involved in a coven or occult group with these people? Have you had a romantic break up or divorce recently?

Have you had any strange burn marks or scratches on your arms or legs with three lines or a trident?

Second have you practiced witchcraft and do you have a patron Deity? Have you ever cast any spells or performed any rituals?

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Interesting, would this be another term for a Witch but someone who supposedly practices white magic, healing and herbal medicine?

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I believe it’s a group here in the city, and they probably have felt me.
No I never was involved with any of this at all. I did practise a form of chi kung/ kungfu; wich did work, powerful stuff; and the teacher has been accused of female unfriendly, some happenings in the school concerning rape; maybe that’s were the energy imprint of this comes from. I quit the school a while ago though, and don’t practise this style anymore.

The chi kung was pretty powerfull though; a zen style; and even a woman sneered at me once; “it’s zen, isn’t it??”. I’m like what?

No break ups or divorce. Ironically, my dad died 3 years ago, and I sacrificed my freedom of living by myself, to rent an appartment with my mom, to catch up for her loss.

No. I did have a type of sun burn, with skin peeling off at the back of the neck.

I do have a patron deity; he came to interfere with my practise of chikung/ kugfu years back; and showed me ‘the proper way’; he rooted me, alligned me with the dan tian (energy point below the navel - it’s standard practise in Chinese martial arts). He has sticked with me ever since; he looked down very much upon my first chikung teacher, and I basically dropped out the school as everything was like child’s play as to compared what this Deity showed me.

I met a daoist master 10 years ago in Malaysia, with whom I experienced a full live tiger next to me, in colour. A type of totem I guess.
It’s him I visited last year, to have clearance on the matter of my Deity, and for protection, they told me it was a privilege to have been seeked out, and he linked me to him in an official way. I have his name and direction, he has a complete black face.
Ever since coming back though; I can hardly practise, he did came 2 or 3 times; cleaned me up; but my mind is scattered from all this stuff, I can hardly keep the connection these days.

Yes, I believe so. I feel it’s a whole group here, really, and I have a ghost like thing around me; smelling like sage; cooling my head; but it does not allow for free will; it dictates my choice of music (I love death metal - it starts stinking for example instead of sage), it tries to ‘illuminate’ my mind, giving me a different perspective over woman n general, looking at them as very healing, wich is not bad, in fact, I love woman, but I do not agree with the forcing on me, it’s in my head, enters my nostrils at night; perfume smell all around me, sometimes literral ‘pussy’ smell (excuse my french) ; and it basically dictates my life. I refuse to be brainwashed like this, I love woman; and my ‘dark’ side. My deity basically said “the middle road - one rule; virtue”. I love swords for example; have a beautiful combat ready katana, razor sharp; expensive, and it even dictates me with stench if I even just marvel at it. Same with violent video games.

Basically; I refuse to give in, making matters worse.

Crazy enough, the more white everything get’s, the more I crave the darkness, that’s why I believe a part of me is being taken; and I’m being brainwashed.

I woke up this week, to actual female like opera singing in the middle of the night, I couldn’t believe it.

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Another weird thing; as my original practise is focused on developing the lower dantian (beneath the navel) - and this is standard practise for all internal martial arts in the East ; these whatever it is, has forced the chakra sytem on me.

One side of the body has the chakra’s (in half), the other side the dan tian.

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Another thing I’d like to add about the possibility of being cursed; the Baphomet figure, with the sword fingers; after offering incense; moving my hands through me (I figured it was my original Deity) ; yet days later noticed the goat like figure doing basically the exact same thing; this refreshed my brain, and I felt extremely good for the rest of the night.

The same with the black shadow like entity with horns; it gives me power and a feeling of comfort. I’m very at peace with these subjects.

I’ve figured this was some type of ancestor even; with my naieve mind, as my surname translates to “horns” in english.

Let’s say I’m cursed; would embracing this turn the tables around?

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In my younger days I too thought Witchcraft or sorcery was something from the Middle Ages, old myths and legends. Summoning demons to
effect revenge or for gain, I thought was impossible and the work of fiction.

What I have learned to my surprise and horror is that Witchcraft is very real and many people in the 21rst century do practice the black arts to effect change. These various Deity’s (demons) do exist and they can cause harm.

This has nothing to do with your practice of martial arts or beliefs of eastern religions, chakras, or mediation but a sole and separate curse from someone who dislikes you and is perhaps jealous. This has nothing to do with vengeful ancestors or ghosts.

All these signs the horned goat, dark shapes with horns,and other black shadows indicate Lucifer. The fingers as swords driving through you or at you are his symbols of attack.

All the problems at work to include someone being pushed down in front of you, and many co-workers think your possessed, indicate a hex hoping to cost you your job.

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Thanks for your reply and your insight.

What I ment with this was, that the swordfingers kind of released something, a blockage, as I felt pretty good afterwards.

Then again, my perception could be way off.

As for the job, I quit it after being verbally being attacked about practising zen. Things were way to off that week. That was actually one year ago, the goat thing happened last week.

Ive always felt some type of power struggle, like jealousy was going on, perhaps I was all over the place.

Its kind of messed up that my deity wouldnt be able to offer protection, wich they assured me at the temple.

Im thinking about how to resolve this. I am leaving in 2 months to a different country, so thats a plus.

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Whoever this is, it must be someone who holds a strong grudge against you, he or she has put a powerful hex on you, so you must have hurt them very deeply. Whoever this is certainly is no beginner and has much experience, or has hired someone who has the experience. So, this sounds pretty serious.

Many are secretive about their practice and very few will disclose their knowledge especially for baneful work or hexes for revenge.

When you do a baneful spell a curse you’re summoning a demon and basically signing a contract with that demon. Like with hitmen you put a hit on someone and pay them the job is very hard to revoke. The hitman takes his job very seriously. It is the same with demons. If they do not fulfill their contract there is hell to pay. They are single minded in their task. They obey orders. They do not get tired or quit.

Leaving is a good idea since you are moving a long distance away, to another country, it might break the hex and all the hassles of Belguim.

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Never hurted anybody. And if somebody anonomous is bothered by me in the neighbourhood, thats pretty ridiculous. Live and let live. The woman upstairs cursed me once very fiercly, in russian, when I was smoking weed on the balcony. That and other petty stuff, noise related, jealousy. She can go fuck herself.

Its good to know, and thx for the info.

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