Can somebody help me figure out if this is an entity and if so who?

All day today I have been filled with lust and nothing brought it on. Lately I’ve been getting the feeling I’m being watched and it’s during those times. Can someone see who is doing this? I’m not powerful enough yet to see or hear spirits because I haven’t evoked enough yet. I’d really appreciate it if someone can help me.


Probably Namaah.
Every time I even think of her name I start salivating


Today it happened again. I was bleaching my hair and out of nowhere I felt sexual urges. For some reason Azazel’s name popped into my mind. Could it have been him?? Can he do this sort of thing???

Some spirits have a very sexual energy about them. Others like to touch you in your special places. It could be just to let you know that they’re there, or because they want to, or they’re curious to see how you react. The reasons are many, you could try asking them. I have no personal experience with Azazel, but others have reported a sexual feel.

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Could be Asmoday