Can sigils be used for break up purposes?

Can sigils be used for manifesting a non violent non harmful break up or divorce? IF affirmative I am interested to know which kamea, or general letter arrangements might be better to use, if a plaetary one, or the rose cross, etc-

Sigils can be used for anything.

Use your own creativity.


But according my readings, there are cameas and schemes more or less suited depending on the different purposes.

Sigil magick is a system all on its own. No one can tell you whether the planetary kamea or Rose Cross is better because it is highly dependant on personal preference, and ability.

For your stated intent, for example, I would use the sigil of Kedemel, the Spirit of Venus, and call upon its baleful aspects, one of which is to “drive away a woman’s love.”

Someone else might prefer to create a personal sigil by tracing out the letters of a statement of intent upon the Rose Cross, and then charging that with will and intention.

Are planet spirits somewhat difficult to manage, umpredictable, danderous, or do pose any risk compared to the intelligences?

Yes, the Spirits can be somewhat unmanageable as, according to Agrippa, they are used to call upon the baleful aspects of the planets, while the Intelligence is called for the beneficial aspects.

I suggest you pick up a copy of Agrippa’s Three Books of Occult Philosophy if you want to understand more about them.

Note: There are also planetary angels and demons.