Can servitors consume emotions?

So, I’ve been planning on making my first servitor for a long time. There is, however, one thing I haven’t figured out is if it’s possible for servitor consume negative feelings like anger and sadness. Maybe not literally, but at least dispel them?



Yes that’s one of things you could program them to feed off but it’s not the only one.


Yes, @Keteriya made servitors for her children to do just that, though they don’t consume the negative emotions so much as they transmute them into better ones, if I’m not mistaken.


It is, but then you could run into a situation where the poor thing needs more of the same, and you’ve moved on and are neglecting it (this does happen, and it;s not a bad thing, just life), so please give it a secondary source of food so it’s able to survive without needing more of the same unwanted feelings. Starlight or something else, or, just the ability to find its own food that harms no-one (you might think of a group it can/should feed on, but there will always be ways that could bite you in the ass later on).


Thanks for the suggestion.

I will do that. Thank you, @Lady_Eva. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes to both. Most of my servitors essentially soak up negative energy, transmute into positive and then use that to complete their task/ feed themselves. I usually add in several other ways for them to feed as well, but there always seems like positive energy goes further/last longer, than negative.


I like that concept feeding a Servator with negative energy and getting it to turn that energy into Postive. I think i might make a Servator for that purpose to help unblock allot of the stuff holding me back. Also if a person’s a smoker they can feed the Servator with the smoke which is something i feed one of my Servator’s with, another one i feed with my Testosterone and another which I’m in the process of creating feeds off light.


In that case, it should be possible to create a servitor to feed on poverty and convert it into prosperity and wealth.

I gonna try that.


yep, i’d check out magickal servitors by damon brand, its a great guide to creating them

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Excellent book. Easy to use.