Can saliva be used in ritual

I saw this one guy on YouTube that was talking about pacts with spirits, and he said that you could use blood, sexual fluids or saliva to bind the contract, it got me thinking…

Could saliva be used to charge a sigil, or be used as an offering?


Yes, it could. It contains life force just like any other bodily fluid, though generally not as much as blood or semen.

However, one thing to be aware of when using saliva is how you personally perceive it. For example, in most Western cultures, spitting on, or at, something is considered to be an insult, and a strong show of dislike, so you should be careful not to imprint that intention into the spirit’'s seal.


I’ve used it before but like DarkestKnight said, it depends on your perception


I’ve used sweat before, during impromptu rituals where I don’t have the privacy or materials I prefer.

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Yes! I have used it before in an evocation ritual because I’m just too squeamish for blood and don’t handle pain very well. I’ve also read tutorials and guides that suggest it’s use, as well. I’m not sure how powerful it is compared to blood or sexual fluids, but it definitely does the job.