Can possession happen in dreams?


Hi For all the forum members
My question is
since i’ve begun studying evocation 1 month ago
i’m like dreaming every now and then that something is trying to get me from behind it’s like a spirit trying to enter and fill my whole being and the last time I saw it’s hands above me and every time I shake that energy off and get it out of Me before it fully gets me
I think it’s not a dream because When that often happens it happens While i’m aware that i’m laying on my bed and it always try to get to me from behind
so my question is this is a possession attempt from a spirit ?or What’s that exactly ?


I believe it may be possible only if you give your permission in some way.

But it sounds like perhaps you’re trying to astral project or lucid dream during sleep, and maybe it’s what’s known as an astral dweller? Does that make sense?


Thanks Gemma W. But Don’t You have Any Idea How To stop this?
What If It happened in a dream and I wasn’t aware of it ?tHow to Defend myself against that And thank you so much


and if you don’t mind my question but what do you mean by astral dweller Cause It’s the first time I run through this expression
thanks again


Read Robert Bruce’s book, Astral Dynamics. It covers this sort of thing. Highly recommended. But I’ll explain what an astral dweller is. It’s basically a hallucination, from what I understand. More about this is covered in the book.

I wouldn’t know how to defend against possession within dreams… just be very clear within your mind that you will not permit anyone to take over your body and mind. That’s the best advice I can give.