Can parasites evolve?

So I had a thought recently concerning parasites. I know they feed off energy, but can they evolve into a being that… well, isn’t a parasite. For example, they eat so much energy that they no longer become a parasite, but something else entirely; like an elemental or a demon or something. Anything but a parasite.

I couldn’t find any answers on here and I’m not about to go experiment with the fuckers (I’d rather be thrown in acid).

What do you guys think?


I mean that’s the point of everything that exists and has life


Eating so much energy doesn’t make you become a superior being than your blueprints. Can actually overwhelm you for example ghouls.

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Theyll just have to go through the natural Evolutionary process. Unless something alters their make up

In my opinion, “parasite” is just a behaviour, not a classification, so the being may be acting parasitically for any number of reasons (including, on some rare occasions, the deceased who haven’t successfully passed on, and have tried to adapt to their situation as-is), and therefore, they can definitely evolve, transform, or even be healed to the point they no longer need to act parasitically.

Some thoughtforms and abandoned egregores will act parasitically until they can evolve past that point, as well.

Maybe there are specific groups that can only exist this way, but they will not comprise 100% of all parasitic energies & entities one may encounter.

Source: lots of healing work, and a few encounters with beings who’d gotten in a muddle and needed help to get straightened out.


Symbiosis is weird. Sometimes it is hard to tell what is mutualistic, commensalistic, or parasitic.


I feel like members of this forum view parasites the way Christians view “demons”. Obviously you usually don’t want to deal with parasites but I think the fear surrounding them has caused us to look at these entities in perhaps not the most rational way. I’m actually thinking about buying the shadownomicon soon because I’ve heard D.H. Thorne talk about certain entities that we might consider “parasites” but it seems to me that many of these parasite types of entities could just be our own Jungian shadow manifesting in destructive ways. I don’t know how articulate this is, I’m pretty tired right now but that’s just my 2 cents on the matter.


Depends thoughtform parasites no, but those beings you named do have parasites among them. Parasite is both thoughtforms and a label among many races of beings. So it’s not that they evolve but rather there’s already individuals of those beings being parasitic.


I think all entities can evolve, but all beings need energy, so there’s the potential for any to act parasitically at ant time, as Lady_Eva said that’s a situational thing.

I do believe in such a thing as some types of astral wildlife filling a niche that makes them largely parasitic by nature, those black leech thingies come to mind, but I don’t know enough about them to know if they can ‘grow up’ as it were. I think it’s probable, as energy being have no biological reason to be confined into one shape or type. They can combine together (you see this in humans as walk-ins that get absorbed), spin off parts to make new beings, and take on different kinds of energy to change and grow.


I disagree, we are not promoting fearing them or anything like that, but rather knowing how to deal with the situation if it arises. Not everyone is going to be one of us that never has had to deal with this, and newbies often jump in and not are able to discern yet if the being they summoned is the being they summoned, or one with parasitic tendency’s that can have negative effects on their life.

We are promoting awareness, and basic magical skills, such as banishing and protection- which imop is something you should be able to do, if you are calling on any entity.

Same as when I go take a nap, I tell my daughter to be aware that if she leaves her cup on the couch end table my cat Atropos, will probably try to steal her straw. I’m not telling her so that she will fear it, I am telling her so that if her straw disappears, she knows where it went.

Same as when I was training a new employee in the work force, we would usually tell them the important things that they might encounter on a normal shift.

This machine likes to clog right here, and it does it randomly no matter what you do, so if it happens in order to clear the clog safely, this is what we do.

Customers often like to upgrade their drinks or swap sides with their meals. This is something we do, but here is how we put it into the computer for the kitchen staff.

I’ve personally not encountered a parasite yet, though I have been attacked by someone sending entities at me. It’s happened a few times, and usually I sit here, finish a cigarette and giggle out loud, while the spirit tries to figure out how to negate my wards, or just sits there if there are no wards. I eventually get up and banish. :woman_shrugging:

Edit: It’s not a big deal if you know how to handle it. It’s only a big deal if you don’t know entities like that exist, or can come through instead of what your calling on, and have no idea what to do, then let them fck with you or mess up your life.

We see a lot of those around here- that didn’t even realize and now don’t know how to fix it, and it’s a lot harder to handle from distance, than it is from my kitchen table.


Sorry for getting off topic, You already got the short answer and few examples, so I am just going to give another example.

My boyfriend encountered a parasite in the astral around the age of 11. It tormented him, made fun of him, gave him nightmares the whole sha-bang, up until I met him August 2019. So roughly 11 years of not being to get rid of it, he tried all sorts of banishing etc.

Well I noticed it, after we started dating and was like this is pretty much not cool. I got advice from someone who had 60 years practice and someone on the forum and in the end long story short, parasite was willing to let go, and even evolve, but it wanted to serve him in a familiar like capacity.

I wasn’t happy, sounded like it could move back in at any moment, except she took a new more evolved form. She went from an inky black shape, to that of a humanoid cat. It was months before I was okay with the scenario, and he would send her to watch over me, when I was doing big magic works, because he was worried I’d have a similar issue- calling on spirits and being confident about what I was doing, he was afraid I was being naïve.

I was pretty confident I wouldn’t have issues and would know how to handle a parasite, but I had the opportunity to observe and communicate with her quite a bit, because he always sent her to watch over me, if I was scared and there was no source or I was doing major works. It also gave me the opportunity away from his ears, to be clear on exactly what would happen to her, if she decided to go back to her parasitic nature.

We could either all have a good working relationship, where she got plenty of energy of his interactions from her, or she could vamp him and I’d turn into Buffy. lol.


Ye. One of Bardon’s first orders of business in IIH is discussing parasites; when a particularly strong one has their hooks deep enough into someone the symptomology changes, and he terms the entity a phantasm rather than a parasite.

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I don’t disagree with anything you said, and I don’t think anyone purposefully promotes the fear of parasites but I feel like the fear is still there with a lot of people, even many people on the LHP seem scared of them and it seems like being afraid of these types of entities might make the problem worse since they usually feed off of fear.

What I’d be interested in learning is what these parasitic entities truly are.
It seems like the term “parasite” is very broad and probably not the best classification for these types of negative entities because I’d imagine that there’s probably a lot of different types of these parasitic entities and I think the more we could learn about them the better we could deal with them.

The only black magician I know of who really works with parasites is D.H. Thorne, I’d be interested to see if there are others who have worked with these entities, attempted to communicate with them and found more information on them. It seems to me that knowledge is power regarding these kinds of things.


Myself and @anon39079500, and @Mulberry have experience with entities that Thorne writes about.

I personally, outside of my elusively worded journal, however am not sharing my experiences publicly. These are not fluffy bunny entities, and they will turn you into food, if you don’t maintain operatorship or miss the point of what shadow work and integration is. To be fair, I didn’t even know what they were despite having encountered them, until I picked up the grimoire on a whim a few months ago (might not have even been that long ago). I had already encountered several of them, regardless.

Imop. YMMV

@anon39079500 recently removed his journal from the public and lounged it, due to the fact that newer members who didn’t have basic protection skills down, thought they were fun entities to play with, or rather that they could be.


I’m aware. Funnily enough, that post reminds me of a post I made regarding the parasitic nature of Lilith’s vampiric aspect.

I’m sure, but I’d still like to learn more about them from a scientific standpoint. I understand your experiences with them are personal but if anyone else knows a lot about them I’d be interested in learning, at least until I get the money to pick up a copy of the shadownomicon.

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If you look into shadow people/creatures. You’ll find the general consensus on them. There are many legit experiences out there, despite the bulk of the population not knowing exactly what they are, it’s just matter of sorting the weeds from the flowers, and discerning who had a legit experiences and whose just going with a need for attention.


I saw one a while back, probably a month or so ago while using entheogens. It pissed me off because I knew it had bad intentions, so the first thing I attempted to do was vampirize it, I extended my tendril into it’s aura and attempted to steal some of it’s energy and I wasn’t able to get anything out of it, this was the first and only time I’ve had that happen while working with vampiric abilities. It was like an empty void, almost like a “black hole” in the shape of a person. So I did some light visualization techniques to get rid of it.
It’s interesting that an entity which seems like it is made up of seemingly “nothingness” is still “something” and still has some sort of rudimentary consciousness. I guess I’m starting to develop a strange and morbid curiosity regarding these creatures.


Honestly, these guys manifest as some of the most physical entities I’ve encountered to date, and that includes the dead, which look damned like they are right here to me, at least if you are not fully awake, and still very clear to me even if I am.

@Angelb1083 wrote a post about her encounter with one recently and it manifested several, very scary things in her home, to scare her kid.

They love fear as a food it seems.

We are getting way off topic however, I’m sure if you opened one on the subject, you’d find there’s quite a few here that have encountered the shadow people/creatures.


I mean obviously, they’re shapeshifters and I’m sure they can manifest in that way but I still thought it was weird that I wasn’t able to draw any sort of energy from this entity. It almost makes me wonder if they’re made up of anti-matter or something. I’m not a physicist so I don’t know but these are questions that I think might be interesting to learn more about.


They can evolve , but I also can say that having had one for a year I completely evolved as well

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