Can papa legba be called for banefull magic, such as death work?

im looking for the best baneful magic spirit for fast results.



Pope Legba or simply Legba is always the first and last in the invocation of spirits, because his permission is necessary for any communication between mortals and Loa, he is the one who opens and closes the portals. It is his trade, it is his center and his function


Papa Legba translates most easily to the archetype of the major arcana of the Tarot to that of The Hermit. He is less baleful than, say, Baron Samedi, but still not to be trifled with.

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have you used papa rungr? what things does he like for offering for baneful work.

Legba is the loa that is asked when you have special problems, when certain things get in your way interrupting your progress in life.
It is necessary to understand that it is a Loa that can be as noble as it is chaotic, it can represent order and disorder, it can be creative and destructive and to work with it one must be aware in its turns or manifestations since Legba is not one, but many and always present, always vigilant, always ready to unleash new forms of corruption and destruction as you are ready to bring blessings, abundance and opportunities. But for this you have to know your laps!

It must be made clear that Legba as Ghede can be malicious, and often ignores social restrictions and their deceptive forms, often malicious, know no bounds, this goes for the living, the dead, the divine and the demonic. In the development of the work that is done with him we must always keep in mind that Legba is a Mystery that nobody can fully understand, and often his acts of trickery and deception, which at that time seem unjustified for the humans with whom he distributes his letters, It is the way in which Legba helps those who need it, so that they can reconcile and find a solution that in turn restores balance in people’s lives.

We are always taught that the ceremonies of Pope Legba “Eleggua” / santeria are the first to be greeted and one thing that most traditions share a common knowledge is that to greet, offer and praise Elegba first before any Mystery is essential in the insurance of a successful job, treatment or interaction with other Loa. There is the key to success!

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umn what lol jk. have you personally worked with papa legba.

daily, because as I explained it Without a greeting to the Legba that is part of his painting, it would be almost impossible to have contact with other Loa; since he is the one who opens the doors, maps the address and goes through the roads, the one who knows all the languages.

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ah yes he is here with me. i felt his presence when i sent last message. thanks for the input.

and also are you saying that legba can be dangerous to ones self when used for baneful purposes?

no! if he recognizes his identity, it does not cause him badly but he must know how to project his pernicious desire well towards the objective, because he will always do as he sees fit and many times what he determines is not accepted by the evocator

youre speaking in third person. idk if your reffering to me or legba. if i got that correctly, what ever i asked will be done, is that what you saying or you saying what ever i project in a malicious fashion legba might do different.