Can one of the 72 names of God be used to power a talsiman/sachet?

I am wondering if one of the 72 Names of God can be used to power a talisman. Or are they more of a find one with powers that you want, invoke them, they help you do a certain thing, then they are gone?

I am actually thinking about a sachet but I assume that sachets and talismans would be similar when it comes to spirit charging.

Also, are Angels really only good for one thing. In the sense that and angel in charge of flowers only knows about flowers, if I asked him about a tree the angel would be useless. I am getting conflicting information on how specialized these entities are.

Angels is a race. Some of the demons of the Goetia are actually angels. They seem useful for numerous things, and each one may have different specialties (as in more than one)

You could charge a talisman with anything.

Yes , several names are usable , angels have many different duties .

Ok, so I can charge with any spiritual entity, as long as the entity is willing.

I thought all the so called Demons of the Goetia were really angels. Sort of something like, if you pray to Samael (from Mars) to help you have honor, courage, sense of duty, etc then he was an angel but if you asked him to help you destroy a city than he was a Demon. I though LHP was just about how you chose to use power. But I guess not.

Some angels chose to become demons (similar to how Gods can alter souls, the same can happen for any entity that wishes to cease to be what they once were) Asmodeus is djinn, a Jinn King specifically rather than demon or angel. I think Paimon as well is a djinn.

so these are perhaps like races or ethnic backgrounds. we are all humans but some of us are Indian and others are Asian.
But if you are at the angelic level you can sort of switch from being Native American to being Caucsian if you want.
Are there any species type beings, so this species can do these things but cannot do others. Like humans can walk on two legs but we cannot breath underwater (through gills like a fish).
Are there limitations on certain groups of entitites. Or is the subject so vast there is really no way to know.

Well more like just as we can have our souls transmuted into something else, so can they but do to them not being reincarnated it also changes their “physical” race. However they don’t do it themselves, more like the particular deity or pantheon they seek out for aid does it.

Any good read on the different angels?