Can music be helpful while trying to curse someone?

If there is some music out there that would help me access my inner fury, could I listen to it while cursing someone, eg, E.A.'s curse style where you use clay, while kneading it into the target with baneful intent and finally beating it with rage and fury?

On the other hand, could music do the opposite affect by grounding us at a time we don’t want to be grounded, since the music could be seen as an artifact of this world and may take us out of the ritual (assuming it’s not spiritual or occult-based music)?

I for one tend to think it’s the first paragraph that’s right, that if it could help put me in the furious mood for cursing, it would make better results more likely, but what say you, more experience magicians of BALG? Could the idea of music be used for other forms of magick as well, not just curses?


it should be fine honestly. i dont see why not!


Whatever gets you in that zone. I find it to be essential for some work.


Hell Yea! In the case of cursing women, I’ve used ‘Move b**ch’ by Ludacris to get myself in the mood and raise the required hatred and energy for the ritual- particularly if it’s someone I want out of my way. The lyrics are perfect! :smiley: I feel it adds an extra kick to my spells.


Yes, hymns are really just spells being sung, the use of music to add power to spell/prayers dates back to Sumeria and probably even older than that.

I bet you can still remember advertising jingles and show themes from your childhood, long after other memories faded… that’s how powerful and deep music goes.


To be honest, I rarely listen to music specifically because of its effects. Meaning I rarely listen for pleasure or background noise…even on road trips. More of a silent driver. What I do use music for is exactly as you are thinking. If i want to crush the iron in the gym, or prepare my mind for mayhem of any sort, I blast old school Pantera. Vulgar display of power being my favorite album. On the flip side, I listen to soft instrumentals infused with intent when soul traveling, or doing energy work. Im a big fan of using a couple reiki infused videos off YouTube for this purpose. I spend a lot of time working on my body with Reiki and related currents and some of the vids are legit on YouTube and strong.


If you can focus with the music on do it , use music to bring the anger out right before the cast but for me it makes it hard to really concentrate with it on while I am casting but its different for everyone if you can and it helps it wont hurt anything

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Lol oh ya ? What’s your name on fb ?

2pac’s Hit Em Up. There’s a story behind the song which adds even more power to hit. I play this song whenever I’m P’ed off and in need of…inspiration.

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yes actually. i frequently use black metal which is perfect for this purpose


Listen to HED (PE) Madhouse. It evokes Lucifer himself.


Music has enefy and power. As Lady Eva said, some are themselvea spells and prayers being sung. Pick music which inspires the mood and energy you wish to utilize and allow it to fuel and enhance your magic. There are few tools so abundant, powerful and freely accessible in our arsenals.

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Yes, some of the lyrics can help with the thought process and be used as a repetitive mantra or motivational incantation :smiling_imp:

I think music is magic by itself, and you choose where and how you gonna use. But I think it works different for each person. Music calms me, don’t matter what music, so wouldn’t work to get me angry, so to curse I just think, remember of why I’m doing that, what the person did. And music I use to do summoning for example.

Oh yes. Music is great for raising energy.

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