Can man and woman be friends?

Is it possible for man to see woman as a friend or is it possible for woman to see man as a friend?

I don’t mean a friend zone to satisfy someone’s ego. I’m talking about real friendship, close connection between two people. I don’t believe in such a thing anymore in case of man and woman


Yes. I have close male friends. Maybe you’ll sometimes feel a bit of attraction toward them here and there, but friendship remains the strongest motive. When you just like who they are as a person.

My longest-standing friendship is with a man. We have known each other about 17 or 18 years, or roughly 2/3 of my entire life. No romantic feelings whatsoever on either side, he is like my brother.


Of course. It’s ridiculous to think otherwise.

Mod note: Gender politics is against the rules of the forum so any posts along those lines will be immediately removed without notice.


Should this topic not be removed? It has nothing to do with magick and the LHP.

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No, I assume, since it is in the love and relationship section, that the OP is looking for magical suggestions.

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I don’t see any magical suggestion.

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The topic hasn’t been up very long. Give it a chance.


Yes, it is. But I think working on yourself and discernment of what a relationship is to you, so that you recognize it would help.

Most people don’t have or don’t use this type discernment, that is why you see this mass phenomena of individuals throwing themselves at anyone who pays them attention.

See they aren’t happy inside, either with themselves or something in their life, so they are looking for positive attention, from an outside source.

Many people don’t even realize they do it, I did it- longing for a knight and shining armor and thinking every little nudge of attraction was something to act on, because this might be it.

Others are even less aware and have no conscious awareness that they didn’t really want to fuck that dude, but he said I was hot and we are good friends and there’s definitely feelings between us.

See, we run with that instead of taking the time to discern what we actually feel, what the feelings between us are.

If we sat down and we thought about what that person meant to us, what we thought about them for real, as spouse potential and if we analyzed whether or not it was a fit for us we’d find a lot of wasted sexual/romantic encounters we should have known were a waste of time.

Then let’s talk about our inability to discern whether or not we feel this emotion or attention for real, or we feel it because we don’t have it at home, or because we are starved for that type of attention.

That’s not even getting into people need to work on their accountability, responsibility and self control.

These are all things that energy and magic can influence and make you better at, give you clarity with etc.

Oh then there are boundaries. I have them. I have a husband and I know which things are supposed to occur between us and I don’t let anyone else try to fill that gap.

We do it all the time by talking to our friends about things we don’t talk to our spouse about, telling our siblings or parents what our husband did etc.

We put ourselves in positions where we are alone with someone whom we haven’t ensured knows our boundaries, then when they push those boundaries, we let them so that we don’t hurt their feelings, embarrass them or loose a friend.

We don’t have to be floosies, we choose to be whether we realize it or not. Then we make excuses for it, rather than admitting we acted out of emotion or a fleeting desire, made a mistake and didn’t really feel it and all the other dumb fuck things we say that aren’t true, if we could admit or see it.

Clarity on what the relationships in your life mean to you is important. Relationships occur with all things, but hardly any of us forget or mess up what our kitchen table means to us, how we feel about it or what we should do with it.

I recommend the genius spirits for pretty much all things regarding becoming a better person, reaching your potential as an individual, discernment in an in all areas, getting to know yourself, and otherwise getting it together.

@Kristian :eyes: does this help fix it? I think working on the self is a very valid form of magic. :blush:


I think it’s best that he forget all about women and focus on himself to advance his power and skill as a man. In my observation only women have benefited from having male friends, not the other way around…

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Right on, we agree on the essential points then :slight_smile:

Generally speaking, absolutely.

For you personally, that’s for you to say.

If you want platonic female friends and don’t have any, you could try an attraction spell. If you know a woman you want to be friends with you could try Dantalion to help persuade her that you’re friend material… if you can be friend material, usually for woman this isn’t a question, men are friends first before they are lovers.


absolutely yes!

Depends on people

Mountain spirits told me yes ! (@DarkestKnight now this topic became related with magic :laughing:)


I’ve had a female friend for several years priors to Covid. It was an emotional roller coaster. I was gonna tell the story on here, but I decided against it.

To answer your question, yes. But I wouldn’t recommend it. Yes, gender politics hasn’t exactly helped the situation. But even beyond that, once you look at the way men and women are different; their general experiences, expectations, perspectives, how their minds work, how they socialize, you might find that it’s better to be friends with people your own gender.

And no, I’m not trying to be political. I’m talking from experience. When I would hang out with girls, I felt like I had to be on my best behavior out of worry of offending them. When I would hang out with guys, there would be this sense of solidarity, like I could tell them things or behave in ways that I couldn’t around girls. When I’m around both, I feel pretty awkward because I’m pulled between being one of the guys while also accommodating the girls. And frankly, I feel like women have their own version of this argument.

So, again, yes. But it’s not something that’s benefited me in the past.


100% most of my friends are and have been women. Its just a matter of setting boundaries life any relationship. Men aren’t automatically going to be taken over by their sex hormones.

It’s frankly annoying to me when I see this type of belief. It comes across as cold and ignorant. I wish you the best in life. Lastly, women can be amazing friends. They are just people my friend, like you and me.


If you’re referring to me, I will say I resent those terms. Nothing I’ve said has been about sex. Like I said, I was talking from my experience. If you’ve had more positive experiences, then good for you, but some aren’t as lucky. We can only perceive life through our own eyes.

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I was more referring to the general topic, I wasn’t saying you were annoying. I also understand that it can be difficult in the current day and age to overcome the fears you mentioned but I seriously believe that women are just people, this myth of them basically being a different species is harmful and unhelpful. I truly wish you the best though👍


No if woman is hot she can’t be my friend :wink:


Yes lol. I can’t be sexually attracted to someone I don’t see as a romantic partner. And having a romantic interest is rare for me because I’m picky. IMO it’s so unhealthy to put people into categories of “I wanna date u.” and “Ur not attractive. I don’t want to be your friend”
I’m friends with anyone regardless of gender as long as we match energy or are interesting.


Sorry for the mean input but this seems like something else is going on. Do you have trouble leaving the house or socializing?

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