Can magick or working with spirit[s] be used to have an instagram girl with over 9k followers fall in love with you?

Are there spirits to work with or magickal ways, in general, to make an Instagram girl with over 9000 followers and/or twitch “thots” fall in love with you, and maybe you can start a relationship with them, even if you’re willing to use time & money? If so, what spirits and/or rituals would you recommend?

I’d at least like to be able to receive messages from the 3 favorite girls I follow, and they all live in Asia, and I don’t have much content on my insta.


This sort of things gets asked all the time, so a little research should’ve narrowed down the spirits you’re thinking of using and why. Which ones are you stuck on or unsure about?


I imagine any entity that is involved with love/sex will work. For this, I’d go with Ladilok from EA’s Kingdom of Flames grimoire


Do you have something to offer them? Looks, personality, an active Twitch account, a reason for them to talk to you?


Can’t you just tip them so they talk to you or are they only on Instagram?


Probably, if you start singing K-Pop.

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“Dubai porta-potty” - research it.

She is probably not what you hoped for, sorry. :pensive:


Sitri and Amon come to mind, as well as Sallos and Bune.

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More than likely these women have a great deal of suitors from which to choose. How do you plan on setting yourself apart from said suitors to give yourself a fair chance of making an “instagram model” even remotely interested in you? Sure you can call a spirit to help, but you have to meet them halfway.

You can attract the woman, but you have to consider keeping the woman interested in you. She’s an instagram model…so more than likely, her face is always in her damn phone either checking messages, checking her calendar to see when she can go to Dubai, posting selfies, taking pics of here and there, etc. how are you going to capture and keep her attention? You say your instagram hardly has an content. Are you going to do anything to change that? Some people are so superficial and shallow they judge people by how many posts they have or how many followers that have. I’m not saying you need to run out and post stuff all willy nilly or start looking for followers, I’m just saying some people look at that stuff and won’t even bother talking to you unless you have a few thousand followers. I can’t relate because I don’t have instagram or Facebook or anything so I don’t know what the hype is all about over followers anyway, nor do I care.

I’m sure you’re a great person & I’m all for people chasing love and whatnot, so far be it from me to judge…just make sure you can handle what it is you’re asking for and be prepared for what can happen once you achieve your goal. As far as spirits, some great suggestions were given already.

Good luck.


aint nun like pulling a baddie with hella clout LOL
Best of luck


Oh God I regret looking that up! Especially before dinner!! :face_vomiting:


I have heard that love spells work more effectively if you have actual contact with the person. It is kinda like casting a love spell on a celebrity. That would probably not work since they do not know of you and you are not in regular contact with them. But, hey…who knows! If you are successful let me know. I might cast a love spell on Jake Gyllenhaal. Lol.

Also not to get preachy because at the end of the day it is your choice. But, a love spell to bring you your divine counterpart would probably be the most beneficial as it doesn’t interfere with someone’s will.


Well it’s hard to start a relationship with someone if you don’t ever communicate, so I’d start by opening communication.

If you do successfully open communication, though, I wouldn’t be too surprised if they weren’t interested in someone who considers them to be a “thot” or “shallow instagram girl.” Sure, there are more intellectually stimulating activities than browsing instagram, but I enjoy my memes and those aren’t exactly mind-blowing theses of grand intelligence and profundity.

If you throw money at them they’ll probably talk to you at least some, but you should realize that they’re just doing their job. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with paying for a cute girl to smile at you and make you feel good, especially in these recent times, but if you resent them for being attractive and providing a service that people are willing to pay for, then I suppose that’s your own problem.

Hot girls are in abundance, of every body type, of every sort of personality. If you really want to have sex with them, then just start doing lucid dreaming practices. You can have sex with anyone if you do that. If you want to have sex with hot girls in real life, then it’s only fair that you put in the work to take care of your physique and health just like they do. It’s never “just their metabolism,” it’s a lot of dedication.

Some advice for getting anyone you don’t yet know to talk to you though would be to provide value to them in some way. That’s what people do in business, and these girls are running businesses. Is someone gonna fuck you because of this? Perhaps, but I’d encourage you to instead drop the scarcity mindset and enjoy their presence in your life.


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Lay Dee Lok
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I was shocked! Just what I need: a porta-potty babe with those alluring latrine aromas proving she’s the real deal! That stated, you’d be surprised how many beautiful women (in some cases fashion models) volunteered to be used as human toilets in European porn movies. The rational was, all their lives, having gotten almost everything they wanted from their physical attractiveness they needed to experience degradation and humiliation for their own psychological balance. Male toilet sex stars were chosen on their abilities to lay the brown Axminster, so to speak.

Ain’t life grand?


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Lol, thats hilarious! Wow, must suck to be a model in some countries.

Never mind all that just get some cocaine and go to the strip club :tumbler_glass::sunglasses::+1::fire::church::fire:

It seems to me that in such a matter you need to be sure of the consent of the spirit you ask for help. And also you need to take the first step in getting to know a girl, at least enter into a dialogue with her the way you would talk to her live. And then, if the spirit really influences, then everything will work out. The main thing is not to rush in communication, but also not to delay the moment when you invite her to meet / enter into a relationship with you / even get married. And of course you need to be able not to scare away with a vulgar manner of communication or something so creepy.