Can magic affect

This was just a concept idea of mine. Can magic effect the video game world.

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One of my friends noticed that he’d get more drops when he did a luck spell so probably

Magic can affect anything, everything, if you know ‘the way’.

can you tell me what

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I’ve seen people complain, they do magic for years and no result soever. Some say maybe magic isn’t meant for everybody. This is the question I first ask, ‘What is magic!?’ You think by doing evocation you do magic? Or by using sigil that is magic? Or merely using spells is magic? That word Magic is deep, too sublime.

And almost everything they want to do is ‘call Spirit’. Call this Spirit, call that Spirit. It shouldn’t always be like that.

For example, you wanna cause rain or stop rain, there are methods to work it out. If one know the way.

For those who say magic didn’t work for them, have they sat and down and question themselves ‘why?’.

I think I’m diving out of the question, I’m sorry. Lol

The way…is vary. For example, Demons are not everything. Let’s say, you want to influence a football match with a demon, while I’m also gonna work on the same match with Spirit higher than the demons, surely the works of the demons will have no effect. Cuz they will leave the instant they see the higher beings there.

There is/are way/ways to everything, it’s not one way. You wanna win lottery, it doesn’t requires Spirit. There is this seal I know of, after preparation it would be stitched under a cap. Wear the cap, then look at the number, is either U see a hand point out the correct numbers to you or you see the correct numbers change to green.

That is what I mean by the ‘way’.

I hope my explanation relate to the question?

Yes, everything in existence is enmeshed with everything else. It is One Infinite Consciousness: this is the only reason why magic–or anything else for that matter–actually works. Take a real goo look at your experience.

There is a binary script noted for every action, creation, movement and info cluttered in an aether database. So anything that perhaps is, can perhaps be influenced. I’m not talking about the Akashic records if such thing exists. But whatever is there at play you can literally use towards as your craft.