Can Lucifer help me

Can i write a petition to Lucifer to help me in Evocation and meditation
I want to connect with specific Entities so can i mention in petation that i want your help to evoke …
invoke XYZ
Will that help ? and also for time frame are 2-4 days enough ?

I have not written a petition before :thinking:, but Lucifer has a known reputation of being good with new magicians. Have you evoked Lucifer before? Cause I’d start with that and just see what happens, communicating to him and seeing if you get a message back. If not, ask for the answer to come to you as signs during the following days. And yeah you can ask Lucifer to do that stuff for you and he possibly could.

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How many entities do you plan to evoke/invoke within 2-4 days? Are you new?

Lucifer from what I hear is as been said before, good with beginners. He is been described as a “jack of all trades” or can help with many things – but may not specialize in them. I can definitely see him being able to help with those, as along as your willing to put in the work as well.

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No i am not new … and i plan to invoke only 1 entity
I have never worked with Lucifer
This petation can be a start for the relationship
And yeah i am willing to put work for everything i will be asking

Okay i will start with building relationship with Lucifer
And what they say is true that he is good with beginners i will get good and positive results

Seems reasonable. I would give it a go.

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Hopefully you get what you want, let us know how it works out for you.

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yeah sure