Can Lilith evoke inner anger?

So two days ago I I asked Lilith for some help and guidance beacause I’ve been feeling hopeless my whole life. I used @Titan.M 's invocation method which I thought was pretty cool.

I’ve noticed that I get angry alot lately even though I pretty much am the type of guy who never gets angry. This anger almost feels unnatural and I can even feel my body heating up. I am a very shy person but this rage has been in me lately… So could this be Lilith’s work?

Has anyone felt this before?


Anger is a nice vibration, is the middle one, the next ones, higher ones, are related with the way to ascension. Anger is also oft the vibration of Terra - Gaia - Babalon and alternates with pride and willingness.
So its a good sign :wink:


David Hawkins work, really amazing!


According to my experience, indeed she can. By many accounts she has been wronged, and where some would just have their anger and wrath boil over or poison our hearts, she can challenge us by exposing that anger we bury away or direct at ourselves and use it to make positive changes for ourselves and fight to change our circumstances.

I too am/was very much a shy introvert, too hard on myself as well. But Lilith in her magnanimous nature is willing to help and guide us. But the challenge lays in balancing using that anger for positive change without letting it run rampant and knowing when to hold back but not let it burn us up from the inside.

BTW I love the fact you have a DBS account name and picture.


Yeah you are on the way. Anger repression lilith is going to make it all come out and make you deal with it. So start practicing saying No to people. Lol

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I used to be the the kind of guy who never says no out of fear of not being able to fulfill the expectations of others but now I’m able to say it.
It’s so hard tho lol.

Also my personality type is the INFP just in case that helps clarify some things.

Thanks alot for the response

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@Zamasu Check out my other posts on Lilith i have loads on here. Feel free to pm if you want further info regarding any of my posts.

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Most definitely she can. But anger can be a good thing in the right context. In fact the more you work with Lilith energies the more you will become not just angry, but (expletive deleted) furious. This is wild, primal, sexual power at its most molten. Also, I have found Lilith is a great spiritual educator - so don’t be surprised if you find lots of synchronicities occurring (TV shows - comments from people etc) that reveal more and more about this savage anger in relation to your own growth.

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Yo the synchronicities are occurring in an INSANE amount dude.
Especially 1111 but also other things.

I could have a question in my mind just for it to be answered through some random event.

Thanks man I’ll be sure to check it out

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I tried to contact Lilith before but I felt kinda ignored by her… Don’t know why I wasn’t able to reach her before for help.
I wrote to her my letter for a succubus.
That’s also how I got here in the end.

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Yeh - the synchronicities can be overwhelming. I had about 2 months of it, you just have to hold on and it does die down. Similar here in that I petitioned a succubus - a lovely spirit, but you can be chased up the walls and turned inside out in the meantime. I have loved every minute of it.

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I’m still trying to connect to my succcubus as she is so passive

I always find the whole, inter dimensional exchange facing, why they want to come here and how we connect there.

Not that I’d recommend it until you deem yourself ready, and until Lilith gets her dues from you, but have you considered talking to her cohorts, Na’amah, Agrat Bat Mahlat, Esheith Zenunim, Machaloth, Etc? They might be able to provide other perspectives and advice?

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I tried Naamah but it turned out to be an imposter spirit

Most interesting. How did you know it wasn’t the real deal? As my spiritual guru always said “test the spirits you summon. If they are the who they say they are won’t be offended you are being through.” And while I do get the random passer by spirit or curious one, after about 3 or so imposters antagonized me too much, I got a livid, unleashed some wrath, and left them to the “mercy” of Ammit, I haven’t been bothered any more since them.

From what I hear and my experience, Na’amah has a bit more soothing of presence and a bit more patient of disposition then the fiery Lilith. If you don’t mind my nosy-ness what did you call unto her and Lilith for?

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I asked her to help me with my relationship as I feel a bit stuck.

Wonder if by wearing a pendant in her style, it has contributed to my longtime bipolar depression? I ordered a hexagram on Wish and got her sigil instead. Lately my depression has turned into bouts of rage instead of sadness. Interesting.