Can jinn retain physical form in this realm?

Many people who work with jinn say that jinn can retain physical form indefinitely.


Probably don’t actually have a physical form rather than they are perceived so strongly it seems physical.


If you bound them to an object, maybe.

Actually, no. I work with Djinn often, and what Run said above is more correct. They have a strong presence, but by technicality, physical manifestations in the way most think (in the flesh manifestations) do not happen. However, Illusionary feats are possible, and I wouldn’t entirely discount the power of Illusion nor how easily manipulated human mind is.


Fair, but i meant more in the sense of giving them a physical presence in this plane. I.e binding them to something physical

I have a Djinn (a handful actually as they’re my favorite non-demonic to work with) “bound” to a ring of mine. It still doesn’t make them appear in the flesh. At most it let’s me focus on their energy better, and gives me a more direct connection to them (kinda like having their home phone instead of just a business email). :stuck_out_tongue:

Edit: I sure wish this forum would let me directly reply to people when on mobile 100% of the time instead of 50% of the time.

Other edit: What’s written is my experiences. Surely there are more experienced individuals out there who have better advice.


I agree, i understand how the concept works. I meant it in the sense if their astral energy being stored in a physical object. Not a spirit manifesting in the flesh.

I’d love to hear about your experiences with thr Jinn sometime though! I come from a Muslim family, but have only worked primarily with goetic group of entities.

How did you start, if you dont mind me asking?

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Ah my bad must have misunderstood the question. I don’t know how to answer in that case as I’m not sure what you’re actually asking.

Edit: A lot of information concerning the Djinn has been requested that I keep it secret, but it wasn’t an extravagant start if that’s what your wondering. Everything was just right place right time kind of deal.

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All good man, was this a request by the instructors or spirits?

The Spirits themselves. Most that I work with are very private individuals for the most part. Was there a specific question you had in mind? I can answer basic things- such as the fact that I didn’t do a ritual to befriend or work with them (well, I do bonding rituals but that’s a different story).


That’s fascinating, I understand if you can’t talk about it however.

How did you meet these entities?

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It depends. One was met through a dream, another through a wicked OBE experience, another was met through random chance.


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