Can it be related or I'm just thinking nonsense?

Some time ago, i started working with demons for some specific tasks, one of them was Dantalion, the thing is, i know he teaches sciences and arts, but my request are oriented to other topics.

I use to draw a lot (even, i almost became an animator), but for health problems related to my tendons i had to stop drawing and painting. I was like 3 years without painting, and drawing just a little quantity at year. Because of quarantine, i felt the urge to drawing again some days ago, and i could not notice, that even although i have not painting for 3 years, it looks like i hadn’t loose practice. Could it be related with the fact that arts are an specific area relate with Dantalion? it could be possible that even if I’m working with him about something totally different, he can help me with aspects of my life in wich i have no request for assistance?

I would like to know if someone have had similar experiences while working with demons

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I assume he’d bless you as much as possible if you were making offerings

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I see. I think it’s wonderful if it’s like that, because they are helping and giving us a lot more than i imagine at the beginning :astonished:

i have been making offerings for him, but this is far more that i could have ask, if it is really happening because of him, I’m really grateful :sob: :green_heart:

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ARt is like swimming or riding a bike. once you learn it to certain level, it never goes away. Same with martial arts. The only thing about martial art is the body can’t handle it. However your mind is there and the techniques as well. Skill base learning that are body type never forget. it’s memory is in the cells. They call it physical movement skills. It’s not like knowledge base where you can remember less due to lack of use.

If you take care of your arms , forearms and learn to relax them . Massage them , you should be able to draw long time. It’s due to stress and not relaxing them/breaks that it gets worse with tendonitis. Or relax when drawing. some people too tight. There’s techniques. Using the shoulder , the wrist or fingers. Makes a big difference. It’s all about hands/arm /shoulder anatomy usage. You have to learn to use all parts of body as to not wear one area too much.

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I don’t believe in coincidence at all and all coincidences hold significant meaning. Coincidences in your personal life almost always hold spiritual significance and often are messages from the spiritual world, everything is spiritual. Regarding your question id say working with the demon caused an alchemical change enabling you to draw better and remember how to do it. Working with any spirit helps you take on their abilities. I mainly do rituals for alchemical change, for example working with a spirit that specializes in vampyrism will make you a better vampire.

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Keep practicing

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its like riding a bike. u can’t forget. Muscle cell memory don’t lie. It’s science. Probably you didn’t learn/practice enough to be at pro level. IF your pro level, you really get the cell memory in. I’m an art major myself but didn’t get to pro level. It still takes work. The level of skill pretty much stays the same. Drawing has to do with hand eye coordination as well as mindset. I did the same with piano. I didn’t drill enough to be decent level. so my hands isn’t as good. You can use typing as example too. If you didn’t enough it will stay the same decent level. OF course the typing may be slower but the hands remember.

It’s all about how decent you are at whatever skill. IF you didn’t drill it. body don’t remember. martial arts is same. you know the practice routine but the body can’t do it cuz of age or rusty fitness. The hands have to warm up and get back it’s memory. It’s there. just need a little bit practice drills.

I don’t care what skills it is. A person can not lose a skill if they learn it well unless they didn’t learn well enough… Maybe hibernating but not lose the skill. Or bit rusty cuz of physical limitations or mind limitations. It’s science and proven studies. You can’t contradict science unless brain damage or something to areas that control mind/eye coordination/memory skills. Too much booze/drugs/boxing to the head/accident etc…

No you don’t lose it completely, but if you don’t practice piano, martial arts, drawing or whatever, you will get worse.
Your brain didn’t lose the knowledge, the skill, but you lost access to it,until you practice again and regain this access.
It’s the same with languages. You stop using a foreign language you once learned, you will get worse. But when you start practicing again you will learn alot faster than in the beginning,when you learned it for the first time.


Yes very much so.

I Communet with Lucifer for longer than 2 years (Now i started working mostly with Amaymon).

It is true.
Some Aspects of these Gods if you stay long enough in their presence and likeness be transmitted to yourself.

It is like a energetic ~magnetic rapport a symbiosis or Fusion almost.

The being transmitts it dominating energys trough and in you you as the channeler and In/Evoker.It will happen so because you opened yourself up to them in the fact that you are willing to work and call them IS THE mechanic and opener, enough for that.

It is like a litle demonic seed that gets planted with each interaction in you.How often you interact will determine how much the demonic seed will be nourished with the demonic Essence It needs to grow to develop its capability and abilitys, characteristics even.

Examples of Lucifers transmission:

Now i am more hungry for Knowledge and whisdom as usual and it stays with me.PERIOD.
The same is with power.

I am more Independent self reliant i work for my independency.

Want more to achieve physical aesthetics and beauty wich some parts did allready happen.

I am more whiser more counces.And more in controll about myself.

I know thinks that some will never know.

I experienced what true love means.

I am more open and can see more into the demonic realm.

I grew spiritually.

Moreover i got typical Luciferian charakteristics, got some good abilitys and good conections. Inclined with the being i worked and communed the most.

So yea it is a matter of fact that it can happen under the condition of discipline, repetition,willingnes to work with him/and yourself. loyalty , truthfull in regards to yourself and in regards to the being. And this all in the spectrum off mutual RESPECT for eachother.

With friendly regards.



I wouldn’t say get worse. Just dormant. =o) U can’t get any worse than not using it. lol . Only ways is UP!! No art is worse than bad art. hehe.

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Wouldn’t agree with this :thinking:
But I get what you’re saying :smile:

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Some of the poorest artist doing bad art in his time became famous and work of art after their death. :man_shrugging: Just depends on perspective of the times. hehe.

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That’s true. However, just because someone became famous and loved by the public, even after their death, doesn’t mean I have to like their work and consider it good.
What is art even :thinking:
I could discuss about this more but I don’t wanna derail this thread, let’s not do this. :sweat_smile:

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