Can invoking harm you?

Can invoking harm you, it is basically calling spirit inside you, so can the spirit do anything it wants? I mean there is always risk but, what if some bad entity gets into you?

If the spirit decides to harm you then yes. also if you cannot handle the energy.

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Is it smart invoking spirit before even evoking it? I mean evoking doesn’t do anything to me I don’t feel any presence and I don’t get results…

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Not sure. People usually say you should trust the spirit before invoking

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Yeah I heard that too, I mean, I should trust Lucifer anyways right? He’s known for not harming anybody… I am scared if i get some bad entities inside me xD

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You have to trust him yourself. i can’t tell you if you should trust

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How can I know should I trust him?

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Learn to hear him

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He may not “harm you” but that doesnt always mean it will be pleasant to work with him. He forced me through some difficult shit first time I invoked him intentionally.


How did you invoke him, what did you like say while gazing at sigil?

Even during invocation the practitioner still has freewill and full control. In order for a full possession or even partial posession to take placec first consent must be given, and even then the practitioner has to relax enough to allow the spirit to move through them. This is my own personal experience. Most of the time it’s a longer lasting telepathic connection that is created during invocation and a space is made for the spirit.

Full possession are rare and more difficult to achieve than hollyweird portrays it.


By looking up and searching about them, they are good but I don’t know how to be sure are they for real…

No sigil I just said his name a few times, thats uncommon for most I seem to be rather talented at invoking.

Lol lucifer telling me dont say talented say skilled but same difference to me.


Why do you want to? It may be quite unpleasant to have that energy inside of you. I’ve never invoked a Demon before but I’ve come into contact with the energy of God before, not much but enough to guide my hand during divination, and my hand actually hurt for a while afterwards lol so that made the experience a bit unpleasant for me, making me cautious of doing that again.

Invoking is NOT possession. Contrary to popular opinion, the spirit does not enter you when you invoke. True Invocation is for taking on the energy and traits of a spirit. In other words, it is primarily used to become like the spirit.

You would invoke Thor to become more courageous.

You would invoke King Paimon to become more regal.

You would invoke Belial to become more commanding.

In traditional ceremonial magick, only angels and gods were invoked, because demons were seen as untrustworthy and “lower,” and the purpose of magick was seen as for the magician to become more like the Most High, not like the demons.

The danger in invocation is negligible.


What @DarkestKnight says. Best advice so far! :100:

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Thank you, I like this one!

How do you invoke, by doing what?

How do you get the spirit to enter you then? A lesser possession.

Just stop thinking and do it. Stop thinking and open up and ask a spirit. Know down to your bones you do it and it happens.

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