Can I use winterfield’s version of sigil for activation?

When I do E.A Koetting’s sigil activation, Can I use winterfield’s version of sigil (with angel names) instead of pure(?) sigil that can be found in internet?

(Demons of Magick by Gordon Winterfield)

Probably. i don’t see why not. Just remember though that the DoM sigils belong to a particular system…and its typically better to keep things within a particular system. So if you’re just going to use the DoM sigils in EA’s method, I probably wouldn’t want to activate the angels and god names around the sigil as well. Outside of that, the sigils are virtually the same as the ones you’d find on the internet


When I use the GOM books, I inadvertently use the same gaze on their seals that I use on the traditional seals, so I concur with @Verdo.


I understood what you mean, Then I should use DoM methods for their sigil. Should stick to guide, cuz I am beginner. Thank you for your opinion!

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