Can I use used candles for spells?

Can I cast spells with used candles? I watched this video saying you shouldn’t does anybody know why?

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Unless you know how to cleanse them of the previous energy I wouldnt


How do I do that?

it’s the same as grounding or smudging a place, but to the candle.

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You can put the candle in a bowl of salt for 24 hours to ground out any previous energy.


Oh, okay thanks!:+1:

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I wouldn’t ever do this, the price of a candle compared to the importance of your spells is not worth taking that risk.


No… I still wouldn’t Even after cleansing

There are people who dont because old energies on the candle could mess up a spell. I do prefer new candles, because new ones are more “pure” and clean of energy. But being broke i cant always get new ones, so i cleanse the used ones.


Yes you can use them

Yes, although I recommend cleansing and pushing your own energy aggressively into it first if you are going to.


If you are not confident in your cleansing capabilities I would just get new ones like from walmart or something, theyre cheap. However, I cleanse my own if I ever decide to get some. Candles are one of the easier tools to cleanse imo.

A tip: get a bunch of candles in every imaginable color. Whenever you need one for a ritual chop off a small piece and put that in a glass.
Set the glass in boiling water so the wax melts. Once melted stick in a wick (either one you made yourself or one from a tealight for example)
When cooled down you have a ‘handmade’ candle that will last maybe one or half an hour, tailored for your ritual.
It’s just a little bit of work but will be satisfying.
Before applying the wick you can dress it with an appropriate oil.

Seeing the candle burn up completely during a spell can signal to you that ‘it is done’.


I saw something similar to this but it was basically a candle that melted and the wax melted into a thing under it and when dried you just turn it over and you have the same candle back lol.

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Oh I never heard about that method! Thanks👍!

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I have found that IF your going to do this the best way is to utilise it for a purpose similar to the original since the wax will retain the energies and imprints from the last ritual it was used in.

Such as using the candle remnants from one ritual to boost finances in one area in the creation of a candle for a money ritual for a different issue and so on. I have experimented with this with decent results and have seen examples of others doing the same years back.

Dunno if i would recommend it with candles used for baneful workings :thinking: ya may end up with mixed or unstable results since the fuel for one baneful ritual and another are rarely identical due to the motivations behind why the baneful ritual is being used in the first place.

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In theory you could utilize candles that were charged with a elemental or planetary energy for a purpose also aligned with it. You would have to roll the dice one that one. I haven’t tried it since if i involve elemental and/or planetary energies i am usually evoking multiple energies and that would be a bit too more of a powder keg than i am willing to play with :joy:.

Personally, I have done this before with no negative reaction, & no effect on my spells.

If you’re using the candle for just the light source, & representation of the sort of spell your casting, i.e a red candle for love spells, I think you should be okay, but a quick smudging never hurts

However if the candle has been carved or given a specific purpose I strongly recommend against it

No. I wouldn’t use a used candle. If it’s a candle you’ve used for anything before, or from someone else, there’s no way I would.

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