Can i use this type of candle for a candle magick NEED REPLY FAST



Yes. You can use any type of candle.


It says in the forum i read that i have to write something in there… But there is a spiral pattern around it plus its only 2 inch is that enough
But my concern is the pattern


No you don’t have to do that


The carving thing?


You don’t need to carve


No, the pattern is not important. If you are referring to having to inscribe something into the wax, then simply use a lighter to melt a bit of the spiral away, leaving a blank area which you can then write on.


Really can you explain why?
Im confuse




Use INTENTION, don’t worry about creating obstacles for yourself - this, but seriously, not joking:





There are many ways to approach candle magick. As was said before by DarkestKnight you can melt the wax to carve the candle with sigils, runes, names, ect. You can also anoint the candle with oil while focusing on your intention and infusing the candle with energy through your fingers. Rolling the oiled candle in the appropriate ground herbs is also an option. Sunday’s are good days for working with fire magick in general. Hope it helps. Best of luck.


If you feel a problem with the candle, enough of a problem that it makes you doubt and ask a question about whether it’s okay, just use a different candle. Because the last thing you want is, end of the spell when it’s time for you to be patient your mind is dwelling on “maybe that pattern on the candle was an obstruction, maybe that’s why my spell isn’t manifesting”.


What about electric candles? Would using those be a form of psionics?


Damn right.


I’ve used this sort of candle.
I’d say the color is more important than the shape by a lot!
I used a red candle once to aid in past life memory recall once,
different colors of purples work for that, the red color did aid in some clips,
but it was a disturbing night, and it left me with an energy I now usually refer to as the red.
So what are you trying to do with your candle magick?

Here are some pictures that should help.


Although one thing I notice that is left out in both is that, dark green tends to be better for money spells and a side note on that the spells always say to get mint oil, that’s not the same as peppermint oil, though similar I think the difference is substantial enough for that kind of spell.


I’m curious about these too. I use electric candles for rituals, but I’ve never tried using them for candle magick. I wonder if it would work just as well?


I would say, no, electric candles would not be effective for candle magick, because the most important part of candle magick is the flame.

Fire is one of the three major gateways to the realm of Spirit, the others being Water and Blood. The flame is the fuel for candle magick; whether you are focusing on it and visualizing the result you seek, or burning a candle dressed in oils and herbs, it is the gateway that carries your intent out into the world.