Can i use this type of candle for a candle magick NEED REPLY FAST



Yes. You can use any type of candle.


It says in the forum i read that i have to write something in there… But there is a spiral pattern around it plus its only 2 inch is that enough
But my concern is the pattern


No you don’t have to do that


The carving thing?


You don’t need to carve


No, the pattern is not important. If you are referring to having to inscribe something into the wax, then simply use a lighter to melt a bit of the spiral away, leaving a blank area which you can then write on.


Really can you explain why?
Im confuse




Use INTENTION, don’t worry about creating obstacles for yourself - this, but seriously, not joking:





There are many ways to approach candle magick. As was said before by DarkestKnight you can melt the wax to carve the candle with sigils, runes, names, ect. You can also anoint the candle with oil while focusing on your intention and infusing the candle with energy through your fingers. Rolling the oiled candle in the appropriate ground herbs is also an option. Sunday’s are good days for working with fire magick in general. Hope it helps. Best of luck.