Can I use the lesser banishing ritual of the pantagram to evoke Grand angels from the kingdoms of flames?

I am working with EAs mestering evocation. In the workbook there are some Angels from the kingdoms of flames that EA listed.

Since they are Angels I was wondering if I could use The Leeser Banishing Ritual of The Pentagram?

And then I plan on banishing (Since I am performing these rituals in my bedroom) them by closing the rite with the kabbalastic cross and then using the incantation for exorcism found in the Kingdoms Of Flames.

So I was wondering if thats a good idea…

Thanks :slight_smile:

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No. You could use the LBRP before or after an evocation, but using it to evoke will probably just banish them. Even though you are calling them to the elemental quarters, it is not the same thing.


All the LRP does is affect your sphere of sensation, why if you’re depressed you invoke, if you’re anxious, you banish. As crude examples. The QC does not banish.
Also, there are five points to the pentagram, so it affects that particular element that you invoke or banish.


Why not use the invokeing ritual of the pentagram if elemental or hexagram for planetary

Yes, those are their reasons for use.

If I am understanding you correctly, you are asking if you can replace the archangels in the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram with the angels from Kingdoms of Flames?

Firstly, no, because the LBRP is not an evocation. When you call the angels of the Watchtowers, you are not evoking them so much as invoking their power. As @Woodsman81 said, the ritual is to be used before and after an evocation, but not as an evocation. I recommend you track down EA’s video on the LBRP.

Secondly, the angels from Kingdoms of Flame are mostly fiery in nature (it’s in the name). I have worked with them a lot, and they do not have the elemental correspondences attributed to the archangels in the LBRP.


Found the video.

In case one wants to do Pentagram Ritual for opening and/or closing an operation, personally I was indeed thinking of EA’s version, which maybe works fine with any angel and could be easily modified for invoking.