Can i use a ouija board to communicate with angels?

hello everyone, im currently working with the 72 angels of magick from the GoM, i was wondering if i could use a board made by myself to communicate better with the angels

Not traditionally, no.

Ouija boards are notoriously unreliable and tend to only attract “lower” beings who want a foothold into the material world.

However, you can make your own board for communication only with angels, in the same way that you can make a board to communicate only with demons. It would involve consecrating the board and inscribing it with seals and symbols of protection, and maybe giving a prayer over it to your guardian angel.

In her chapbook Drawing Down Belial, the demonolator S. Connolly gives a procedure for consecrating a board to demons that you can probably adapt to angels.


thanks ! i will do a research and see what i can do

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There’s a book by Carl Spartacus:

THE MAGICK OF THE SHEM HA-MEPHORASH 'S ANGELS AND GOETIA’S DEMONS : How to Make petitions and get answers using a pendulum.

Basically it teaches you how to use a pendulum with a specific method to communicate with the entities. He had it free on Amazon for Kindle some time ago. Not sure about now, but you can check it out.

You can use an ouija board to speak to anything if you know how to “tune” it to. Beings aren’t all that different from one another when trying to reach them, it’s nothing but preference when it comes to how you communicate with a specific group of entities and if they choose to answer.

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You could try and see

I will have to say no, if you are referring to “Angels” of YHWH and the Christ. Those Angels are for those “god’s” use, not yours. And I am of the opinion that a Ouija board would be totally out of the question even if they are going to give a response.

As DarkestKnight stated, “Ouija boards are notoriously unreliable and tend to only attract “lower” beings who want a foothold into the material world.” No self respecting anything is going to respond via a Victorian game-board.

All IMO of course.

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Not sure if this is 100% true but ive heard if you put a sigil under the oujia board then you speak to the spirit that way. Its proabably false

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Sounds like a pretty legit concept to me @ayshii

ive never tried it myself bc the ouija board scares me

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just because you wouldn’t doesn’t mean they wouldn’t tarot and pendulum are no different from an Ouija board, I am pretty sure if one of those “well known” practitioners were to use an ouija board to contact beings like Michael and such, opinions would def change.

Ouija boards are just like any tool, the reliability is based on the practitioner not the tool itself.

I’ve always wanted to have one work but the only time I was ever near one was when I was little and nothing happened. But considering how many advanced magician on this site are like fuck no concerning them I’m sorta thinking no but I did have the urge to try to get one used in a church hoping it would bring a good spirit.

Does anyone knows how to use the ouija board to contact Gods?

So I Hurd that the Ouija board named itself and when asked what does the name mean responded good luck.

You can use the sigil or hymn or whatever the culture uses to contact the God along side the Ouija board, but I would also suggest doing some kind of shielding that keeps out imposter entities prior.

Personally I plan to imbue my ouija board to where it can only contact those I aim to contact and keep out false contacts.

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Allow me to clarify if you will. Any communication going on is of course from the practitioner not the tool. However, the general mindset around such a toy (not a tool in any real sense IMO) as the Ouija board is going to generally taint the mind of said practitioner and any in attendance. Of course, unless there is some sort of odd reason to use a Ouija board, I have never spoken with a serious summoner that would use one. There are always exceptions of course… :grin: :+1:

And I would take a pendulum with tarot cards any day. Different mind set.

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I get you, but I find if the practitioner is worth their salt wouldn’t allow their mind to be tainted by the general opinion of the board. Pendulums have some stigma behind them as well as being unreliable due to them thinking your moving it yourself no matter what.

Thank you

It comes from “oui” & “Ja” which both mean yes

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When using the ouija try burning white frankincense, cloves, musk and saffron; it’s a good incense for angels, and should also diminish the risk of lower spirits or interference from mind.

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