Can I summon Marbas at night?

Marbas is a demon of the day, I can’t get the chance to summon him at day time because of work. Can I summon him at night? Help me please

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You could summom him at anytime, also consider using if you wanted to follow planetary hours once the sun rises as day and any time until it sets. Its a preference up to you entirely

Can I also summon him from 7pm to 3am?

You mean I can summon Marbas in the dark night?

Right, even though there are “guidelines” in a lot of grimoires, my belief on the subject is that guidelines are merely subjective to achieve more of a state of mind and importance to the practioner than the entity itself, getting yourself into that spiritual zone. So if you’re mentally ready (in the zone) and sincere in contacting President Marbas, you should be fine no matter the time.

Thank you dude, once I get in touch with him, I will keep you updated!

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