Can I Summon 2 Spirits at same time?

Please advise can I contact two Spirits at the same time.
Really feel like telling my sad situation once off. I need a lot of help and it’s too much I wanna talk from heart once I feel them around me. Can I?

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Gaze (relaxedly look) at an entity’s sigil, until it seems to change or you feel an energy, an alteration in your consciousness. Keep calling that entity, at a certain point you’ll sense the contact. Welcome the Spirit, asking to stay because you’re going to summon also the second one; then do so.

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Yes, you can summon two spirits at the same time. The only thing you need to be careful of is if their energies are compatible or not.

Summoning two spirits of opposite polarity can be difficult if you are not experienced.


Like a land spirit your with and you summon Ahriman

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