Can I start off with LBRP without this?

I’m doing LBRP from what EA Koetting has demonstrated, at the start you imagine your aura expanding and then you imagine yourself growing larger until you are bigger than planet earth. Sometimes my imagination is bad and I somehow can’t imagine this, can I just simply start with LBRP without imagining these??


substitute growing bigger with imagining that you’re more powerful.LBRP is open to modification .


My visualization isn’t too good either sometimes.

Harness the power of spoken word.

If you can’t see it, then narrate it. Just like any invocation or whatever, just get really into it and narrate what’s going on with feeling. Ham it up.

You may find it’s easier to visualize, as you verbalize

This has worked for me.


I perform lbrp today, I do everything well and in the end while doing the second Kabbalistic cross the sigil of the spirit I want to banish shines before my eyes. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong, I think the spirit is making fun of me.

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong. It sounds to me like the spirit you are trying to banish is fighting back, and trying to reestablish their link to you. If you see the sgil “shining before your eyes” again, get angry, use your will and see it bursting into flame and burning to ash, to be carried away on the winds.

The LBRP will sever any link the spirit has to you, and the angels invoked will stand guard to prevent the unwanted from crossing the boundary you have set, but if the predatory spirit can reform that link, they can then ride it right through that boundary, so you need to sever any and all conenctions.

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About visualization problems, yeah, assuming that the visualized thing is there nonetheless helps.

Thank you very much! How can I banish them from dreams?

I did exercises from the Master key system a long time ago and that helped me with visualization.

Part of the purpose of the LBRP is to develop visualization. Another technique is to feel and Know that you are the center of the universe. But anyways, just keep practicing and the visualization will become easier and easier. Soon you will flow through the LBRP without even thinking about it, everything will come naturally and it will just be harmonizing with the ritual.

Sit down and meditate a bit to clear out your thoughts. You can imagine anything you want.
There are few people who cannot even imagine anything like when you close your eyes you forget how your front door looks like. I dint think you are like that.

Clear your thoughts that is struggling you to get clear imagination.
Let go of your thoughts relax your brain. And tell me how you feel.