Can I see the jinn?

Can the jinn be seen? Is there a danger when seeing them? How do I see them? How do I protect myself when doing this.

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Corwin Hargrove’s Practical Djinn Magick is a good starter resource. If you want to see them you need to develop the clair senses however, when I first began working with Djinn, I saw nothing. I felt their presence however and it scared me- early on.

Now I get impressions of them and how they appear when they show up. The book I recommend is beginner safe and other than a banishing routine which you should have down before summoning any type of spirit, no other protection is necessary with his book.

Aside from that, I’d be careful what you read, most stuff about djinn is very subjective and can cause undo fear. All spirits can be dangerous, even the popular ones on this forum, so just don’t believe everything you come across imop.