Can I pray to Lucifer for other people?

My Aunt is a believer of God, but is currently going thru alot in her life… I tried to tell her that I no longer believe in her God, but she thinks I’m joking…whatever.
Can I pray to Lucifer to help her? Will he help her?

Honestly, it’s better to be in a position where a Christian doesn’t believe that you worship Lucifer rather than having them believe you and disown you because of it.

Can you pray to Lucifer? Absolutely. Will it work? That depends on him.


I told my best friend that I no longer believe in God and instantly noticed a change in her demeanor.
I became an introvert because of things like this…

I will certainly go to him. You’re right, it will be up to him to help her and her situations


Lol, how old are you?

Drinking age and beyond
What about you?

Of course you can!

Ah, if you were like 12 it would have explained why your aunt thinks you’re joking :joy::joy:

Some people have been programmed into believing that God is the only one that you can pray to…
I used to be that way, but after all the shit I been thru…I couldnt fathom why this same God would test me for his benefit…to this day, I have not received a believable answer.